Finding balance in the maelstrom

Pressure is building in the heavens, things are about to burst. Today Venus makes an exact square to Mars, something she has been working towards for some days now. Tensions in relationships come to a head as do conflicts between different ways of doing things – action versus persuasion, forthrightness versus subtlety, sheer force versus tactics. How well we can manage these tensions will inform what we manage to get out of these times; an ability to balance and find solutions or agreements will lead to creative opportunities and new ideas and directions to explore. Lose your nerve and where there is tension might collapse into an unproductive battle of wills with nothing coming from it but exhaustion. It is a good time to practice deep breathing and staying focused.

While some tensions come to a head today the overall sense of increasing tension does not let up just yet. The Sun is moving right into the t-square formation with Uranus and Pluto, rough waters there as the Sun (who has a huge ego) confronts Uranus who wants to revolutionise ideas about ego while Pluto wants us all to knuckle down and got on with some real work. Yet more tensions – between philosophy and action, self and community, high ideals and reality. Navigating through these stormy waters could bring some of your most profound insights or realisations or aspirations. It could set you on a new and beautifully inspiring course for the future or again, it could leave you exhausted and confused.

Try to tune in to any tensions you are feeling, understand what lies at the root of them. If you are used to meditating you might find active meditation, such as a walking meditation, or dance or yoga more practicable than a sitting meditation at this time. If you are not used to meditating try to clear some time to do something that also clears your head – make some space for the solutions to come in. This is not a time to force anything as force will too easily get caught in the crossfire of all these conflicting energies at the moment. By the same token it is not a time to be passive as you will get caught in the maelstrom and be unable to find your way out.

Finding our way through the labyrinthine tensions and cross current of these times is not easy.

The Sabian symbols for this square:



KEYNOTE: An interior focalization of energy and consciousness at the expense of all forms of outward activity and care.

This traditional image of the Hindu holy man in the typical Western mind may well hide the fact that without proper training and intense concentration, what we usually consider spiritual attainment, self-realization and the “God experience” is not possible. The “intoxicated chickens” of the Leo 21° symbol must learn self-discipline if they want to “fly.” There can be no halfway measures if the goal of true Yoga is to be reached.

This fourth stage symbol, as usual, suggests a certain kind of “technique,” or at least an adequate means to reach an envisioned goal. The means is TOTAL CONCENTRATION.



KEYNOTE: The need to incorporate inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday living.

Today we hear a great deal about “peak experiences” (Maslow). The great problem facing everyone who has had such experiences is how to assimilate what has been felt, seen or heard, and how to let it transform his everyday consciousness and behavior. If this is not done the experience may turn confusing or toxic and perhaps destructive of the integrity of the person.

This fourth symbol as usual suggests to us what has to be done or how to do it. The “return home” from the high mountain, or from any “upper chamber” of the consciousness, may lead to a sense of oppression by the normal realities of existence, or else the soul that has been illuminated may retain enough of that light to transfigure every daily situation. This is the great CHALLENGE TO TRANSFORMATION.


This is a really good, detailed write up of the influence of this square:


6 thoughts on “Finding balance in the maelstrom

  1. I do love your posts, very insightful but also readable for people whatever their astrology level is.
    It’s interesting that the square happens with mars at the same degree the next eclipse will be at 23 degrees Scorpio.
    So change, transformation, integration are keywords for the next few months. Male, female, ying, yang, it’s all about balance and bringing things together.

    • Thanks Nikki! Yes, getting the yin/yang balance right is crucial. Interesting to note too that this year’s Mars and Venus station retrograde degrees were both 23+ – so the Mars/Venus yin/yang theme is being repeated.

      • Omg I forgot about that, the mars retrograde was a big thing for me, and the Venus retrograde was a big event for everyone , will have to check those sabians again. Also note that 23=5 the number that links t the hierophant in tarot, and 5s are not balanced, can be tough to work through as you have good and bad times as you strive towards the balance and enlightenment of 6 and 7. So it might be a struggle but this might be the point the retrogrades start paying dividends. Also looking at HP and empress in tarot you have 2 female characters that represent both the virgin guarding knowledge, and the mother figure of the empress who knows and governs the cycle of harvest

      • Yes, 23 or 5 is a repeating theme. This is my favourite tarot site:

        and this is what it says about 5’s:
        “As fours were about stability and maintaining what you have built up, the fives are about instability and the loss of at least some of what you have. Five is the number of severity and fear but also strength. Hence, it’s no surprise that the Fives seem to pose both a severe problem, and a way to escape the fear felt at facing that problem.

        Dealing with this upset in the development of our passion, emotion, idea or work humbles, teaches and matures us. It isn’t a pleasant experience, and our pride, especially, is likely to suffer, but it does strengthen us.”

        It’s also worth noting that Saturn is now in the last degree of Libra, a sense of urgency or panic setting in as he prepares to enter Scorpio – and Saturn’s natural reaction to everything is to let things go, pare down to basics.

        But 5’s are also constructive, practical, so I think of it like building – maybe some of our brick work looks nice but it’s a bit loose and would threaten the whole thing if we kept on going. Have to take it back down to the solid brick work and then we’ll see we have a good foundation to work from.

  2. My fave tarot site is I do find that the idea that 2 is balance and unity with the 3 of growth is what’s needed to get to 6 , stability with expansion. Getting back to astrology, I felt the intergration of the square yesterday, I feel so much more, erm, erm, well stringer today, after a week of wobbly. The sabians make sense, I am needing to deflect other things to work on me and transform, roll on the full moon

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