A Breakthrough Moon!

Hopefully you’ll all be serenely making your way through the current aspects and looking forward to a full moon weekend of increasing clarity and understanding about what (if any) changes you need to make in your life. 03:19 GMT on Sunday is the exact time of this coming full moon and it’s become quite infamous in some circles so it’s worth having a close look at it.

We can see the t-square pattern made by Moon/Uranus opposite Sun and both square Pluto. There’s also another t-square being formed by Venus now moving opposite Neptune and both squaring Mars and the North Node. So not only is the full moon involved in a t-square but its ruling planets are too (Moon in Aries is ruled by Mars while Sun in Libra is ruled by Venus). This accentuates the challenging and tense mood and it is very likely to play out in our most personal relationships because these planets are all very personal. Relationships between women and men are most sensitive to these energies as we have the four planets most traditionally associated with masculine and feminine energies involved (Mars and Sun for male, Venus and the Moon for female).

Image of the Sun and Moon from the Nuremberg Chronicle


At first this looks like a straightforward clash of desire or principle, however looking more closely paints a somewhat different picture. The masculine planets are in feminine signs while the feminine planets are in masculine signs. This suggests that there could be an awful lot of understanding and empathy with the other’s point of view – we get to see things from a different perspective.

Add to this Mars being strong in his own sign of Scorpio (I know it might sound odd, masculine Mars ruling a feminine sign, but the intensity and drive of Scorpio is very Mars like) and he is ruling the emotional Moon – so the Moon, even though she might feel uncomfortable is well supported by her ruler. Meanwhile Venus is ruled by the Sun and the Sun is ruled by Venus, so these two are giving one another mutual support and encouragement. Just looking at the rulerships of these four planets should be enough to make us feel more confident that despite any tensions we are in this together with our loved ones, friends, colleagues and so on and provide the assurance we need that we have one another’s best interests at heart.

The involvement of Uranus and Pluto in the full moon t-square tells us of wider social tensions that are ongoing and likely to flare up as the full moon contacts them – there are few in the world fortunate enough to be entirely removed from the turmoil around at the moment, the message of this moon is to face those challenges standing firm alongside those you care about rather than letting it drive a wedge between you. At the same time the involvement of Neptune in the Mars/Venus t-square raises questions about how reliable our closest relationships are, how much we can depend upon them in times of need and how much they are just a product of wishful thinking. This full moon indicates a time when we see more clearly who we can rely upon and although there may be some painful realisations that some of our relationships are little more than a pretty fantasy at the same time we are able to see through some of the illusions and decide to leave relationships which undermine us in any way.

Just as mirages in the desert can seem very real but are in fact illusions and are very disorientating and confusing, so relationships can be the same – this full moon might show us where relationships we thought were full of substance are actually mirages. Of course it might also show us where they are real and to be relied upon.

Saturn is emphasising this theme as he is about to Leave Libra, now in the last degree, and is intent on getting rid of relationships that will not last through the depths of Scorpio. It’s a testing time for sure, but good old Mercury is spreading a little happiness with some trines and sextiles, cheering us on as he moves towards Saturn to hold hands with him for the dive into Scorpio. And Mars, ruler of the Moon, is on the North Node, reassuring us that this is indeed the right way to go.

All in all this moon looks like a breakthrough moon to me, the way the personal planets are all working together providing mutual support and understanding suggests a time of clarity after the recent tensions and a clear understanding of the way forward. Just one last note, on the physical side of things – Mars is pushing strongly at the emotional Moon as he rules her and is on her North Node, unless a physical outlet is found for any excess energy and emotions then you might be more prone to headaches than usual. Try to get out for a walk at the very least.

If you can get out walking this weekend it will be a great way to clear your head and help to avoid headaches.


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