A change of gear

Having dealt with the tensions leading up to the full moon, and hopefully gaining deeper understanding about which relationships nurture us and which undermine us we are now ready for the changes this week ahead brings – and there’s quite a few of them! These changes mark more of a shift in gear than radical about turns, provided we’ve used the nudging of the past few days effectively – the changes in store will set us more firmly on the course we have decided upon. Given that there are so many separate events about to happen I will look at them briefly as an overall theme here and then over the coming week I’ll look at them in more detail. Here is a list of events and dates:

Venus sextile Saturn, Wednesday 3rd October

Venus into Virgo, Wednesday 3rd October

Venus opposite Neptune, Wednesday 3rd October

Jupiter stationary retrograde, Thursday 4th October

Mercury conjunct Saturn, Friday 5th October

Mercury into Scorpio, Friday 5th October

Saturn into Scorpio, Friday 5th October

Mercury trine Neptune, Friday 5th October

Mars into Sagittarius. Sunday 7th October

The overall theme is one of getting more serious, consolidating plans, committing to a course of action and having the will power and determination to see it through. Part of that comes includes ensuring that the people we surround ourselves with support us and are supported by us, that there is a sense of mutual understanding, some common cause and a trust in one another – this can be colleagues, friends and neighbours as well as partners and lovers.

As I say, all in all there is a more serious tone to these shifts, heralded by Venus making her last aspect to Saturn while he is still in her sign of Libra. It’s been a long haul since Saturn entered Libra to stay back in July 2010 and since then he’s really overhauled close relationships of all kinds culminating with this last full moon and showing us which relationships are worth hanging onto to see us through the coming journey through deep, demanding and transformative Scorpio. Venus’s last aspect to Saturn is a harmonious sextile, as if she is nodding her thanks to him and acknowledging that it’s been hard work at times but worth it in the long run.

18th Century depiction of Virgo

Venus then moves into dutiful Virgo, dropping the diva-like flamboyance of Leo to become more concerned with attending to the details of life that help to make things more pleasant and comfortable. Almost as soon as she enters Virgo she makes an exact opposition to Neptune confirming any feelings we’ve had recently about some people being unreliable and also challenging us to make sure we have got the balance right in relationships – that both our earthly and our more spiritual desires are understood and satisfied. It’s possible as Venus moves through Virgo that she’ll remind us of issues faced earlier in the year when Mars was retrograde in Virgo, but Venus here brings soothing vibes, so in many ways it’s just reassurance that we have dealt with those issues and (hopefully) have learned from them.

Following these movements of Venus we then get Jupiter turning retrograde In Gemini – Jupiter has been moving really slowly over the past couple of weeks and now he turns back on his tracks, picking up on things he missed on his first journey through his shadow, revisiting issues, places, people and ideas that didn’t quite live up to their promise and seeing if he perhaps he missed something which if he picks up on now might bring benefits. We know from the retrograde phases of Mars and Venus that retrograde energy can be quite inward looking and serious and the same is true for Jupiter – his usual buoyant optimism is somewhat more serious in tone, chiming in with the mood of the times.

18th Century depiction of the Gemini twins

Mercury conjunct Saturn comes next, bringing a serious tone to conversations and communications of all kinds. There may also be a sense of urgency in these communications, a desire to make something understood because the conjunction falls right at the end of Libra in what is called the anaretic or critical degree – the degree where we start to pick up on the feeling that energies are shifting and that if there is any unfinished business it needs to be dealt with right now, there’s no time to lose.

Mercury then tips right into Scorpio, sign of deep passions and transforming power, of politics and psychology and emotional undercurrents. Scorpio is deep water and this is where Mercury heads into now. As messenger of the gods, used to navigating from the depths to the heights and back again, this does not phase Mercury. Saturn on the other hand is a different matter. Mercury pulls Saturn in behind him, acting as guide to the old man of the skies who only ever visits Scorpio every 28 years or so. Saturn finds the undercurrents of Scorpio difficult, he prefers solid ground – rocks and mountains are his natural terrain but for the next two years he is going to have to move through deep water, bringing the Saturnian gifts of patience, setting limits and responsibility to all issues to do with powerful emotional and psychological urges, political manoeuvrings and potentially unhealthy obsessions.

18th century depiction of Scorpio

Mercury, acting as guide for Saturn then makes a trine to Neptune, setting the scene for Saturn to make the trine in the coming days. Mercury trine Neptune picks up inspirations, dream images and unusual thoughts – some of these may be related to earlier in the year when Saturn and Neptune came within minutes of making an exact trine but they didn’t quite manage it, soon they will and Mercury sets the scene. This contact with Neptune brings a mystical and mysterious quality to the serious tone of current changes.

Finally for this post Mars moves into Sagittarius – he has been at home in Scorpio, exercising his formidable will power and energy, now he moves into Jupiter ruled Sagittarius. Mars here will want to use some of his energy outdoors, walking, riding or playing sports of some kind – a welcome upbeat in energy for the end of the week.

Mars in Sagittarius enjoys riding – or any kind of activity that explores the great outdoors.


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