After the tubas and drums a little reverie

Today marks the real beginning of the coming shifts as Mars conjuncts the North Node at 27˚ Scorpio – a pivotal point for our future path, today we may encounter our destiny in some form or another; a meeting, an idea, a surprise of some kind. The sabian symbol for 27 Scorpio is:


KEYNOTE: The aggressive glorification of cultural values.

Every cultural-social collectivity sooner or later tries to impress the value of its achievements forcibly and noisily upon all those who belong to it, as well as upon foreign onlookers. At the individual-mental level the member of such a collectivity swells with pride and excitement when a display of the excellence of that in which his consciousness and personality are deeply rooted is publicly affirmed. Thus the feeling of social unity binds the individuals of a culture through collective pride.

This second stage symbol contrasts sharply with the first one. Our aggressive, tense, domineering Western civilization is indeed in opposition to the natural spontaneity and instinctive adjustment to nature of tribal societies. The Keyword here is POMP.

These Japanese war tubas look like massive musical instruments but were in fact intended to help locate incoming aircraft by sound

This heralds the moves Venus makes as she sextiles Saturn, allowing us to tune into a kind of grounded beauty and steadfast love or commitment to something whether that be a person, a cause or our art. We know what we want and need and Venus suggests it is on the way.

The sabian symbols for this sextile are interesting – the one for Venus suggesting it is time to start thinking about making public our vision and at the same time understanding that it is not something that belongs solely to ourselves. If we have a vision of how the world could be more beautiful, more sustaining, more loving then we need to share it and share in others’ such visions too:


KEYNOTE: The realization by the individual that all thoughts and all messages are inevitably to be shared with all men.

Coming as it does as the end of this tenth scene and linked with the last degree of the zodiacal sign, Leo, this symbol seems at first quite puzzling; when it has been thought of as an isolated symbol, its essential meaning has not been apparent. The fact that a letter is unsealed does not imply a trust that other people will not read its contents, but rather the idea that the contents are for all men to read. The letter contains a public message in the sense that when man has reached the stage of true mental repolarization and development — which we see in the very first symbol for Leo — he has actually become a participant in the One Mind of humanity. Nothing can really be hidden, except superficially and for a brief time. What any man thinks and deeply realizes becomes the property of all men. Nothing is more senseless than possessiveness in the realm of ideas. If God speaks to a man, Man hears the word. Nothing can remain permanently “sealed.”

As this thirtieth sequence of five symbols ends, it is made clear to us, and particularly to the inherently proud Leo type, that all that takes form within the mind of a man belongs to all men. Communication and SHARING must always prevail over the will to glorify oneself by claiming sole possession of ideas and information.

This fits well with the sabian symbol for Saturn:


KEYNOTE: The fulfillment of man’s power of understanding at whatever level of existence the person operates.

A true philosopher is a man who is able to “understand,” not merely “know,” the processes of life as he comes to experience them directly. He is the man of wisdom, different indeed from the man of science; for while there must be knowledge before understanding, knowledge alone can be both barren and destructive of wisdom. This peculiar symbol refers of course to “phrenology,” which is usually considered a pseudo-science, but may provide significant indications. Number 3 always indicates a state of completion. The symbol implies a fulfillment of philosophical understanding, which obviously has nothing to do with academic degrees or the writing of successful treatises on abstract concepts.

This fifth stage symbol is the last of the Libra series: Understanding and wisdom develop in terms of the life of community and through experiences provided by interpersonal and group relationships. Cultural factors are always involved, even though true wisdom transcends cultural values and is rooted in the essential nature of Man. What is at stake here is A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO KNOWLEDGE, based on universals.

So here we have old man of the skies, Saturn, having gained some deep insights and mush wisdom, especially about relationships, during his journey through Libra being persuaded by Venus to share his thoughts, dreams and understandings. Saturn is usually quite a ‘closed’ kind of energy, but if anyone can persuade him to open up it is Venus – time for the closed and cautious heart to open, even if the prospect of Scorpio seems a little scary.

Following her tête-à-tête with Saturn, Venus moves on into Virgo where she turns her attention to the small details of life that make things easier, more pleasant and comfortable. Venus in Virgo likes gardens and flowers, things to be clean and tidy, life to be ordered, friendly and sweet – not surprising she yearns for a little of this innocence after the more tumultuous times she’s been through this year. Venus in Virgo signifies harvest and she will give us cause to celebrate the many good things we are able to gather from our recent experiences – she will look over the degrees of the Mars retrograde, peering right back to the beginning of the year, and enable us to see how much we have benefited from that time and from all we have been through since. The cardinal t-square the Sun formed recently is easing off, things are less fraught; time to tend our garden whether actual or metaphorical.

Monet – Dans la Prairie

This rather dreamy, soft focus scene is exacerbated by Venus’s opposition to Neptune – she’s really in the mood for some reverie, sweet dreams and thoughts for how things could be in the future. Venus opposite Neptune is not the best aspect for determinedly ‘getting things done’ – but it’s great for smelling roses or any other perfumes you love. Take an aromatherapy massage, a deep and sweetly scented bubble bath with your favourite music playing – this is one of those times when the universe is just saying ‘relax, enjoy’ – soon, soon, there will be more hard work but for Wednesday afternoon through Thursday morning it’s time to recharge your batteries.

A word of caution – Venus opposite Neptune could overdo the dreaminess, get caught up in webs of illusions and fantasy. The earthy energy of Virgo helps to keep her grounded but it is not quite the best time to act on any of these dreams, wishes or hopes – enjoy them, but wait for a couple of days just to check that they have some substance to them.


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