Jupiter stations retrograde – and brings a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Today Jupiter finally turns the corner and after going so slow for so long he turns on his heels and heads back to catch something that slipped away from him when he was back on 6˚ Gem on July 11th. Back then he was involved in the double interlocking yod pattern:


Looking back at that time we might be able to get a clearer picture of how well we were dealing with those yods – were we seeing the opportunities and growing, or were we caught up in a series of projections and illusions that slipped away from us as the yods began to disintegrate? Now we get a chance to take stock, understand what it was we really wanted to get out of that time and revisit it, this time with a stronger base, or fewer insubstantial projections.

Jupiter also turns on his heels just before he perfects the conjunction with Chaos and while he is still being advised by Themis, goddess of Justice and good counsel. Jupiter will still have to cross the path of Chaos but he is being advised that there are some things he needs to sort out first. Looking at the Jupiter Rx chart with some of the asteroids that have been figuring recently is very illuminating as we see the tales they tell moving into a different phase.

Psyche is still close to Cupid and these two are making a lovely trine to Jupiter who turns to meet them, with an opportunity to give them his blessing – this is significant for relationships that are somehow not approved of or kept hidden, as with Psyche and Cupid at the start of their affair; they now come into the open. Whether that is a good thing or not depends on how likely they are to be accepted by wider society as both Jupiter and Themis like to uphold the status quo, the law and traditional ways of doing things. For those relationships not so easily accepted by society this may well mark the beginning of testing times, just as with the story of Psyche and Cupid.

Meanwhile the Greek version of Cupid, Eros, is sextile the Sun – he’s still sparring with Apollo firing arrows of love and hate, desire and repulsion – linking this to the Jupiter Rx suggests we get to understand how the “course of true love never does run smooth” as Lysander observes in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Meanwhile Venus and Mars are still squaring up to one another repeating the theme of relationships, balancing complementary energies, learning how to manage tensions creatively. This is exacerbated by the Moon and Neptune getting in on the act creating a grand cross and reminding us how much we might try to make other people and our relationships with them fit into some fantasy or illusion about how things should be. It seems Venus and Mars are under some kind of enchantment – perhaps Oberon (Lord of the Night) and Titania (Queen of the Fairies) are at work with the spells and mischief. But with Venus so close to wise Sophia and Mars still in tune with the North Node and his destiny it seems this enchantment is the way it is meant to be – it’s all part of the story and takes us on to where we are supposed to be.

Judt Dench and Ian Richardson as Titania and Oberon

Meanwhile, leading us on to the next scene, Pandora is entertaining Saturn, unleashing heaven knows what right on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio. It seems she’s stirring things up – but not necessarily in a bad way, perhaps she brings hope to Saturn who is still feeling the pleasant vibes from the Venus sextile and is pretty enthralled by Neptune softening his entrance into Scorpio – Pandora brings her gifts of curiosity and hope and she is absolutely determined to persuade Saturn to explore some deeper issues, and will soon have Mercury to help her.

So a theme of love losing its way in the forest and falling under the sway of enchantments sets the scene for the Jupiter retrograde. Of course he retrogrades over much of the same part of the skies that Venus earlier retrograded in and square to where Mars was retrograde in Virgo. Plus Venus is about to cross that part of the skies where Mars was retrograde at the beginning of the year – this is a final look at all the issues raised then. This takes us back to the Chiron connection I wrote about here:


This Jupiter retrograde is the final scene of this act and over the coming months he will slowly knit all the pieces together. It is a tangled web of people, relationships, desires and intimations of how things could be – rather like a Midsummer Night’s Dream – this is fun:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCZndWMALOo  (part1)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqGEQ-832rI&feature=relmfu  (part 2)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOYAfq_7Xjg&feature=relmfu  (part 3)

Or if you want something a little more serious you could try the 1968 film with Judy Dench as Titania, or maybe a ballet – here’s a taster:



2 thoughts on “Jupiter stations retrograde – and brings a Midsummer Night’s Dream

  1. Yet again I fab article!
    Is funny what you say about hidden relationships and them coming out of the closet, am about to do that so it really makes sense to me. Also Venus is about to conjunct my natal mars so I can see the repeated themes of the Venus sq mars.

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