Moves into Scorpio – the masks removed

Big changes come today, although some of them we won’t notice for a little while.

First of all Mercury joins Saturn at the end of Libra, Mercury always bears messages and joining Saturn here, right before they enter Scorpio suggests he brings a message just in the nick of time, something that Saturn needs to know. Mercury is moving very fast at the moment and the last degrees of a sign are often stressful of have something of an air of panic about them, so don’t be surprised if today, especially this morning, is full of messages that have to be responded to right now. Saturn isn’t usually inclined to act in a hurry, but even he is picking up on the mood of the times and senses that some things just have to be sorted to clear the way for the move into Scorpio.

Mercury has something of the air of the white rabbit at the moment – hurry, hurry, hurry, don’t be late for the entry into Scorpio!

Mercury very soon moves into Scorpio, bringing a much more intense tone to communications. Mercury in Libra is generally diplomatic and understanding. He sees both sides of the story, weighs up the pros and cons of what people say and tries to keep things on an even keel. That diplomatic side has been very useful as the cardinal square has been stressed by the Sun and the full moon. Now, however, Mercury has had enough of playing the nice guy – Mercury in Scorpio says just what he thinks, he pulls no punches and is not above a bit of psychological or emotional manipulation if it helps to get his message across. Mercury in Scorpio is hugely political, he is also very deep and can see through the masks people put on to understand their deeper motivations – and he doesn’t mind exposing these if it helps him.

Sometimes masks are so convincing and so much a part of who we think they are that we forget they can be removed. Saturn is about to remind us that they can indeed be removed, and he wants to see if there is anything of substance behind them.

Mercury in Scorpio can be incredibly useful if used well, it’s really good for all kinds of political and psychological research, secret investigations and also, if handled well, can provide really good grounds for thrashing out agreements in relationships of all kinds – this is because any ensuing agreements will be founded in the truth of what each person wants rather than what they say they want.

Within half a day Saturn follows Mercury into Scorpio – and he means business! Saturn will stay in Scorpio for the next two plus years – he leaves for Sagittarius in December 2014 but even then comes back to Scorpio for a visit over the summer of 2015. Saturn in Scorpio is passionate, jealous and far more hasty than he is usually. He is very quick to understand emotional and psychological undercurrents and can quite cruelly strip away the surface dressings we put over these if he thinks it necessary. The world of politics is set to become a lot more cut-throat with Saturn in Scorpio, people are tired of being nice and will start to expose their lust for power as exactly what it is. However, with Saturn being supported by Pluto in Capricorn (the two are in one another’s signs so working together to achieve something) it is more possible that those who are simply after power to serve their own selfish ends are cut down and have opportunities denied them. The overall message of Saturn in Scorpio is that desire brings pain – the question is whether the desired is worth it, whether it genuinely adds meaningfulness to life – and in Scorpio that meaningfulness comes from transcending personal desire and desire becoming about something much bigger than just ‘me’ .

Saturn in Scorpio can bring up something powerful and solid from deep water – it reminds me of the lady of the lake and Excalibur

To finish the day (or start Saturday, depending where in the world you are) Mercury, newly getting to grips with Scorpio energy trines dreamy Neptune. This is a more restful energy and can also be full of fantasy – it seems like a good start to the weekend and infuses Saturn’s entry into Scorpio with an idealistic tone, reinforcing the message that the next two years are about pursuing our humanitarian ideals with a passion and understanding our spiritual desires and dreams – the indication being that this will be the best way to handle Saturn in Scorpio. It’s also a nice aspect to have on a weekend for most of us as we will have time to enjoy it rather than dashing around.


For today’s entertainment Alice in Wonderland chimes in with the Mercury movements:


The Legend of King Arthur is more suited to Saturn in Scorpio:


Or maybe Tennyson’s Morte d’Arthur


Lady of the Lake offering up Excalibur by Alfred Kappes


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