Look to the horizon!

In the last of this latest wave of major shifts of energy Mars is poised on the cusp of Scorpio, about to venture into Sagittarius. Mars in Scorpio can be intense, wilful, even aggressive – in Sagittarius he’s likely to lighten up a bit, start looking at distant horizons rather than digging the depths, setting his sights on new ideas and projects to put his energy to work on.

Time to look to the horizon rather than digging in the depths beneath us.

This is a great energy if you’ve been working on a project that needs a boost of new ideas and enthusiasm, although you might also find things get a little more unreliable and a little more impulsive than they have been recently. Mars in Sagittarius is also great for socialising, for making friends and for travelling too. Even if you are only able to travel in your mind and via the TV you are more likely to hanker over foreign lands and adventures at this time – I expect a lot of people will end up booking holidays during this transit, which will last until November the 18th!

Mars in Sagittarius energy also needs a physical outlet – it’s a great time to get sporty, join extra classes at the gym or get out walking or riding (Sagittarius loves walking and riding).

Mars in Sagittarius loves nothing more than getting out into the country on horseback (or on foot)

Once he’s in Sagittarius Mars runs into the energy of Neptune, forming a square which becomes exact on Sunday evening/Monday morning which is going to heighten any desires to travel. It can also bring on some uncomfortable feelings or exchanges, especially with members of the opposite sex – misunderstandings, gossip and rumour can cause trouble; be careful not to be taken in by anything or anyone under this transit. It’s not a good time to be drinking too much either – it can easily end up in a bad head and grumpy mood the next day!

After this move of Mars into Sagittarius we are finished with major energy shifts for a little while – time to get used to and make the most of the new mood for a couple of weeks. Of course the stories don’t stop and the aspects keep on happening, but with some of these big characters moving signs in such rapid succession we should notice a different tone at work.


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