Wear your heart on your sleeve this week

Following the big moves of last week we now have a nice little collection of aspects welcoming us to the week and indicating what should be a much less tense time with people more inclined to get along with one another as things start to settle down.

The happy vibes begin with the Sun making a lovely trine to optimistic planet Jupiter – these two joining forces generally spread a feeling of goodwill, generosity and laughter. They work well together when in harmony as they are at the moment – the two big buddies of the skies having a good time together and just enjoying life. This trine happens in the air signs of Libra and Gemini suggesting its a good time to be getting out and about talking to people, listening to people, enjoying the arts and good conversation, visits out to interesting places and so on. Even if the week is full of work meetings these should be pretty energising and optimistic affairs with people in a good humour – and there may just be an inclination to be more generous or forgiving than usual.

In Hinduism Ganesh is related to Jupiter – the god of optimism and good humour, remover of obstacles and bringer of good fortune

Soon after the Sun and Jupiter hook up Venus makes a trine to Pluto. The energy of this trine is a lot more intense and deep – there’s the potential for magnetic attractions to throw you off your stride. Look out for charismatic and fascinating individuals – there could be more than the usual share of them around at the moment. Emotions could also run pretty deep at the moment and you could feel you want to tell people you care about just how much they mean to you – that’s a nice thing to do, so go for it!

This inclination to share your thoughts and feelings with those you are close to is accentuated by a sextile from Mercury to Pluto. It’s also great for understanding the emotional undercurrents at work in any situation you find yourself in – as it’s a sextile this is a useful thing rather than a problem, you are more inclined to be understanding than judgemental.

I liked this image that I got from this site


All these lovely and loving aspects lead up to the middle of the week and the rare trine of Saturn to Neptune – these two planets were promising to make a trine back at the beginning of the year but it isn’t until now that they have finally managed to get it together. This aspect seems a bit like Neptune welcoming Saturn to the water signs – Neptune has been at home in Pisces for a while now but has moved back to make sure he can meet up with Saturn and provide him with his first taste of a major aspect while he is in Scorpio – how nice that his introduction should be a trine.

This aspect can dissolve boundaries, breaking down restrictive structures that Saturn has put up in his defence. It can also provide structure and realism to the dreams of Neptune – together these two can make a wonderful, dreamy pairing with their feet firmly on the ground – this is the thing to think about in terms of what you really want to achieve over the next couple of years while Saturn is in Scorpio.

It’s interesting to note the Sabian symbols for this trine as they are so sociable – Saturn and Neptune asre not the most sociable of planets and Scorpio and Pisces are not the most sociable of signs so there is a suggestion of learning how to balance our inner and outer lives, our need for solitude with our need for togetherness and perhaps most especially our responsibility to ourselves and our responsibility to others and society.


KEYNOTE: The fundamental human eagerness to expand one’s social horizon and to experience the results of collective achievements and new ways of life.

In this symbol we are dealing with a group-experience of a vast collective achievement, a city. Individuals coming from a variety of places and backgrounds “commune” in new awareness of a greater whole of human existence, an organized whole with its own rhythms of multifarious activity. New feelings and an expansion of consciousness result. What begins in the Libra phase of the cycle is given substantiation during the Scorpio phase. The process of “initiation” into collective values is now reaching the feeling nature.

This symbol begins the forty-third five-fold sequence. It refers to the first realization of what a larger whole of existence — a more encompassing frame of reference — implies, in very concrete and perhaps startling terms. What is at stake is A WIDENING OF EXPERIENCE.



KEYNOTE: The process of commingling and interchange which at all levels demonstrates the health of a community.

In any twelve-fold division of a complete cycle (for instance the 12 zodiacal signs and the 12 Houses of a birth chart) the twelfth section often has been given a negative significance. It can refer to oppressive conditions as it represents a “closing of accounts,” a final evaluation of the harvest of the cycle. A very bad harvest may lead to bankruptcy; a premature revolt may bring the rebel to jail; the dissolute may end in a hospital. In this section of the cycle a man reaps what he has sown. But it may also be honors, social prestige, the interests of well-managed wealth. In this twenty-fourth scene what is stressed is the coming together, in a final experience of community, of all factors previously experienced; this means constructive interaction and an interchange of the products of social activity. In a practical sense, the symbol, whenever it is found, emphasizes that the time has come to take full advantage of the social opportunities to bargain and to trade.

This is the first stage of the process related to the sixty-seventh five-fold sequence of symbols. It refers to all that can be gained from social interplay and especially, in the broadest sense of the word, from COMMERCE.


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