A little bumpy this weekend.

This weekend the moon will bump her way through our friend the cardinal square, opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto as she makes her way to join the Sun for Monday’s new moon. This could all be a bit fraught or emotional, and emotions running high could give rise to arguments or bad moods. Fortunately Libra should be able to give us a sense of perspective so we don’t get too drawn in to any dramas.

Just before the new moon Mars makes something of a statement, first squaring Chiron in weepy Pisces and then trining rebellious Uranus in Aries, the ‘me’ sign of the zodiac. Emotional undercurrents could reach a point at which you say enough is enough. Mars energy doesn’t really enjoy coming up against Chiron in Pisces, these two energies take a lot to get them to work together, especially with an already fiery Mars in fiery Sagittarius – he doesn’t want to be bothered by Chiron’s insistence that he consider more spiritual and emotional things. This is a Mars that could cry out in frustration, or could make a more gentle Chiron feel bullied. After this encounter Mars is happy again as he hooks up with Uranus and just ‘gets on with things’, kicking some sparks up as he goes.

Sparks fly as Mars and Uranus are in cahoots – hopefully in a good way

Chiron is not to be underestimated in this encounter though, Saturn is in a slowly applying trine to him and is strongly supportive, suggesting that although Chiron might not get his own way this weekend, he will eventually – Saturn is patient. What does this mean? Probably it is best this weekend not to ride roughshod over the feelings of others, or to that small voice of your conscience trying to tell you to do something. It’s also best not to ignore any messages your body is sending you as little niggles now could become longer term chronic problems if you don’t pay attention to them now. Also, watch the exuberance of Mars as he connects with Uranus – it can be a little accident prone.

Chiron is more powerful than he seems at the moment, so it’s worth having a look at his Sabian symbol; it’s a reminder that there is more to think about at the moment than our own individual desires:


KEYNOTE: The dedication of human beings to the service of their community, and the assurance that it will be emotionally sustained by the people at large.

Here we see at work the emotion-rousing appeal of social activities which demand the surrendering by the individual of his personal way of life, his opinions and his comfort. The socializing process is pictured in all its intensity but what is implied even more is the support that the socialized person can expect from the collectivity if he is ready to act and to sacrifice himself for the nation or the group.

This is the first symbol of the sixty-eighth series. It allegorizes the power generated by a totally accepted and enforced collective discipline, and the exaltation and mass response which he who has achieved this self-surrender to a social tradition can expect in return.


All this leads up to the new moon of Monday at 23 degrees Libra – this new moon falls opposite Eris – in Greek mythology Eris is the goddess of strife and discord. Because she was a rather difficult character she wasn’t invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis when all the other goddesses were. She turned up anyway and when she was refused admittance she threw a golden apple into the throng of guests inscribed with the words ‘to the fairest’. Three of the goddesses scrambled to claim the golden apple as their own, and in their scramble a whole host of events ensued which led eventually to the Trojan wars. Eris is a little like the fairy who wasn’t invited to Sleeping Beauty’s christening but who came along anyway and put the curse on her that would lead to her sleeping for a hundred years.


Astrologically Eris is a minor planet that orbits far out in the realms of Pluto, she signifies energy and urges from the depths, outside our usual awareness – she throws in curve balls, but whether they are really a blessing or a curse is always down to how we react to them. Eris in opposition to the new moon suggests unexpected or uninvited challenges to the new beginning the new moon promises. She warns of the dangers of vanity and conceit and that no matter how much we try we cannot block out all unwanted consequences. Eris can bring anger if unappeased, she also brings a kind of poetic justice which might come in the guise of a gift. If it weren’t for Eris this new moon would look pretty happy and harmonious it’s making a whole host of trines and the only tension is a wide t-square involving  Venus, Mars and Chiron – that t-square is separating, so really represents events behind us, the new moon showing the new way forward that has been agreed upon – this Libra new moon is all about agreements. Eris is sitting there as a warning – don’t sweep things under the carpet in order to achieve a more peaceful existence, they will only come out to bite you on the backside later on.

The Sabian symbol for the new moon is full of hope:


KEYNOTE: A creative and joyous response to life processes.

The cock that crows as the first coloring of dawn appears at the eastern horizon is a beautiful symbol of the ability, demonstrated by all pioneers and cosmically attuned individuals, to give voice to what is as yet unmanifested, but is on the way to manifestation. At the ego level, chanticleer may feel that he makes the sun rise; but someday he will learn through painful experiences that to create is only to reveal what essentially is. It is the vivid recognition of the as-yet-unknown in the known.

This third stage symbol should make us think afresh about issues we too often take for granted. At every “sunrise” there are a few isolated witnesses that herald the coming of a new day. What is at stake here is the individual’s capacity of RESPONSE TO LIFE’S RENEWALS — renewals which are cyclic, predictable, yet always new, always creative.

Meanwhile Eris gets

(ARIES 23°): A PREGNANT WOMAN IN LIGHT SUMMER DRESS.                        

KEYNOTE: Fecundity.

Masculine aggressiveness and the woman’s desire for fulfillment (Phases 21 and 22) are integrated and realized in the expected child. This three-fold sequence can be seen operating at several levels, and the third term, the child, can take various emotional and cultural forms. The basic meaning remains the same. Summer is the period of fruition. Man – at the receptive “woman” level – reaps the fruits of his dynamic activity.

This is the third stage of the fifth five-fold sequence of cyclic phases. It combines the two preceding ones and suggests INNER FULFILLMENT.

This suggests that there is more to this new moon than meets the eye – and there will be consequences far into the future. There is no judgement about whether these will be good or bad, it all depends how we are able to respond to whatever comes our way, whether we react out of vanity and jealousy or whether we respond with a spirit of care and generosity.

I like this write up for this coming new moon:


All in all it looks like a good weekend to indulge in a bit of romantic film watching, to indulge our little friend Chiron – my suggestions are first ‘An Affair to Remember’ followed by ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ – the first is the film Meg Ryan keeps referring to in the second.


That should get us ready for the energy of Monday and the promise of the new moon, and should have us in a good enough mood to deal with whatever Eris wants to throw our way!


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