Good Vibrations!

On the whole we have a fairly relaxed day ahead with a couple of Venusian aspects to enjoy. First of all the Mercury sextile Venus which has been applying for the past few days becomes exact today. This is a sweet vibration that encourages pleasant communications, good humour, understanding and generally getting on together. It’s a vibration that’s around for a few days as Mercury and Venus travel together at the same speed at the moment, Mercury is slowing down to match his steps with Venus. All in all the mood is cooperative, communicative, understanding – tune into that and you should have a thoroughly nice time for the next few days!

Mercury and Venus trip around the skies together in a closely choreographed dance for the next few days

Later on today Venus makes a square to Jupiter who is currently looking back over where he has been in Gemini and preparing to trace his steps. Venus’s square needles him a bit, it’s like she’s telling him to get a move on (well, he has been sitting on the same degree for almost a month now). Venus’s little nudge isn’t quite strong enough to kick Jupiter into action though and the result is maybe some interesting conversations and debates that might be stimulating in a pleasant kind of way but don’t really lead anywhere new. This is a combination of energies involving the two ‘nice guys’ of the solar system – it can be creative, but they aren’t into upsetting people so often the creativity isn’t as powerful as it promises to be. Nevertheless it’s an energy to enjoy – have some interesting philosophical discussions, read a stimulating book about history, religion or law (or even astrology).

For my own personal viewing or reading pleasure to suit today Umberto Eco’s ‘Name of the Rose’ fits the bill perfectly

In general, have fun for the day, in a pleasant, humane and polite kind of way – that will please Venus no end!

And this is the theme tune for today:


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