Sun into Scorpio – time to get real.

On Tuesday (Monday for the Americas) the Sun moves into Scorpio, ramping up the Scorpio energy we have been feeling since the double entry of Saturn and Mercury into that sign at the beginning of the month. Scorpio energy is deep and searching and the Sun’s light in this sign is likely to bring to the surface more secrets, hidden desires and obsessions. It’s also a time of light being shed on deeper motivations and uncovering the truth – on a personal level it’s a time when we might reach some surprising insights about ourselves and what motivates us, what it is we really want to achieve with our lives. In the public world we can expect to see more revelations about public figures and systems as the penetrating quality of this Scorpio energy refuses to let things drop and continues to put the pressure on where there is deceit or corruption.

The Sun’s entry into Scorpio looks like it will be fairly intense with a trine to Neptune and a conjunction with Saturn being made immediately – the trine to Neptune becomes exact only a few hours after the entry into Scorpio and the conjunction with Saturn a couple of days later. The trine to Neptune is great for any kind of research work, or projects that need both concentration and intuition. It’s a time when we find it easier to be understood and easier to understand others, a time when misunderstandings can be overcome and new ways forward agreed upon – with the commitment and realism of Saturn lending strength to the hopes and dreams of Neptune.

This landscape of rocky cliffs and ocean is a great illustration of the coming together of Saturn and Neptune – if you are lucky enough to get the chance try to get somewhere like this in this coming week to really tune into and enjoy the Saturn/Neptune trine.

The conjunction to the Sun is great for putting in some hard work on a project you believe in and want to make a success. Methodical approaches are favoured – although the trine to Neptune still in operation will help to make these methodical approaches not too dull. It’s a great time to get organised about your ambitions and plot a very realistic course for the future. It’s also a time when you should be able to trust your judgement – so if you get strong impressions or intuitions about something it’s quite possible they are right.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun/Saturn conjunction gives some further food for thought suggesting that our plans for the future should involve some thought about the kind of community we would like to live in and what we would like to bring to that community:


KEYNOTE: The feeling of community demonstrated in a basic joint effort.

In rural neighborhoods, especially as the American West was being developed, the building of at least the framework of a house was often a collective, friendly enterprise. Newcomers building their home-to-be found friendly helpers in their neighbors. The sense of togetherness and participation in a common enterprise was developed by such collective work. The home remains “our” home, yet the whole community is involved in its erection and the welcome marking its completion.

At this third stage of the five-fold sequence, feeling becomes activity. The past and its memories are repolarized in terms of the expanded social consciousness. From that activity a new sense of reality will derive. The Keyword is COOPERATION.

Many more traditional faiths, such as that of the Amish, fully recognise the importance of community and how by being part of a community we can achieve more than we can alone. This week’s Sun/Saturn conjunction emphasises this and asks you how you contribute to community, how you want to contribute in the future?

It is significant that on the same day the Sun and Saturn come together Mercury crosses through the North Node, the path of future karma. This also happens in Scorpio, so another emphasis on the deep thinking and insights of Scorpio and using those insights to plot a course for the future. The Sabian symbol for the Mercury/North Node conjunction is the same as when Mars crossed the North Node back at the beginning of October, just prior to Mercury and Saturn entering Scorpio and which I noted here:

October 2nd Post

I noted then the temptation of Venus opposite Neptune to overdo the dreams – now it is time to put things into action. Plan, yes, but make sure the plans are followed up by doing – put things in place so that you will be able to make the most of the new opportunities that will come your way with the coming full moon and then solar eclipse in Scorpio.


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