Clear out the cobwebs – nicely.

Tomorrow, 25th October, Mercury and Venus are in exact sextile once again. They’ve actually been travelling in step with one another ever since the beginning of October, making the sextile exact back on the 16th and now again. This synchronisation is due to their relationship to the Sun – because both planets are closer to the Sun than the Earth we always see them within a certain distance from the Sun – which means they can never get too far away from one another either. As one or the other planet reaches as far from the Sun as it can get it slows down and then gets pulled backwards (turns retrograde). During Mercury’s slow-down phase he tends to travel at about the same speed as Venus – they coordinate their steps as they move around the skies in relation to the Sun, gently emphasising whatever energies or messages (this is Mercury after all) they need to bring to us. These messages are about how we relate as individuals, our personality, self-expression and sense of who we are – there are the three most personal planets and their movements relate to our personal lives.

Mercury and Venus do a divine dance around the Sun as depicted in this Mayan calendar.

The messages of Mercury and Venus at the moment bring together the energies of Virgo and Scorpio – it’s about understanding the details, the little things, the things that you might not normally notice and seeing what lies behind them. Venus in Virgo is a bit of a perfectionist, she likes things neat and ordered, clean and tidy. Mercury in Scorpio is full of insight, he sees into even the darkest corners and isn’t afraid to say what he sees there. This kind of energy, even with the harmonious sextile aspect, can be a little difficult as things that are normally glossed over will not be allowed to rest at the moment. People might say things they wouldn’t normally, pick up on things they would usually let go, it’s a nit-picking, fault-finding, irritating little energy at times and could easily lead to cross words, frayed tempers and hurt feelings.

Venus wants to clear the air – just make sure Mercury doesn’t give a tongue-lashing in the process!

Looking at the bigger picture though, there is a purpose to this energy and if we can tune into that we can hopefully avoid the irritations and annoyances that otherwise could come with it. Venus in Virgo just wants to get things in order to make life a little more comfortable and organised (at least she thinks being organised makes life a little more comfortable). Mercury in Scorpio helps along with that, pointing out all the cobwebs and dust in dark corners – really he’s trying to help Venus, it’s just he’s not very good with the sharpness of Scorpio energy so it can seem like he’s being sarcastic or unkind. If we can understand these energies in ourselves – our desire to set things straight, tidy up, organise people and also a little tendency at the moment to snap at people, to be irritable and try and exercise a little patience then the energies will work together more productively.


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