A weekend of mixed emotions

This weekend could be interesting as Mars and Jupiter lock horns across the skies – Mars travelling forwards in Sagittarius runs opposite to Jupiter heading backwards in Gemini. Just before they do that the Sun forms a trine to Chiron and just afterwards, as Mercury and Venus tip into the next signs of Sagittarius and Libra respectively the Moon, waxing full, forms a yod in opposition to Saturn and the Sun – emotions run high, there is tension in the air, a sense of expectation and a feeling that something has to give, which it does for the full moon on Monday. But before we get to the full moon let’s have a look at the lead-in piece by piece.

To kick things off we have a glowering Scorpio Sun trining Chiron, teacher of spiritual mysteries. This casts a definite mystical or poetic glow over the weekend, but because Chiron is wounded and is in watery Pisces it can also bring on hyper-sensitivity, tears and sadness. It’s a poignant and nostalgic aspect which can make us feel a little bit sorry for ourselves if we’re not careful. With this kind of energy at large it’s best to channel it into activities which demand that kind of sensitivity – watch a sad movie, or a tragedy at the theatre, or go to a poetry reading or concert – anything which demands poetic sensibilities to really understand and ‘get’ the artist’s message.

Given the crazy weather right now Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ might be just the thing to go and see – a positive outlet for the Sun trine Chiron sensitivity

Still feeling the effects of the Sun/Chiron trine we get Mars confronting Jupiter. Mars is feeling strong and independent in Sagittarius, he doesn’t want anyone cramping his style and he wants to give Jupiter a piece of his mind. Jupiter, on the other hand, usually the optimistic and jovial happy guy of the skies, is not comfortable in Gemini and is going over his tracks and so is not in a good place to face Mars. Left to its own devices this aspect looks a bit like bullying – Mars in Jupiter’s own sign of Sagittarius has found out some things about Jupiter and he wants to let rip and all Jupiter can do is stand and face it. In terms of our own lives it does show an energy which could easily tip into confrontational, bullying behaviour – really it would be best to keep these energies separate as they are simply going to irritate one another. Mars should head into the country for some exercise and leave Jupiter to his pondering. In reality that’s not so likely to happen – so if you do find yourself getting irritated and frustrated with people around you it’s best to practice counting to ten before you give them a piece of your mind. On the other hand, if you find yourself on the receiving end of someone else’s frustrations it would be a good idea not to react blindly but to listen, hear what they have to say and try to understand how to improve things for everyone concerned.

If you can’t get out into the country to let off some steam make sure you count to ten before letting your frustrations rip

As Mercury then tips into Sagittarius the desire to spill the beans on everything he’s found out in Scorpio becomes stronger – Mercury is supporting Mars in this stand-off with Jupiter. The sharp sarcasm of Mercury in Scorpio might have gone but now instead we get an ultra fast Mercury who doesn’t stop to think about what he says and doesn’t really understand how to take anyone’s feeling into account. Good humour will save the day – and Sagittarius and Jupiter are both strong on humour. Although Jupiter might have to put up with being the butt of the jokes rather than making them himself. After the sensitivity of the Sun/Chiron trine the best thing to do on Sunday might be to watch something funny or go to a comedy show to bring out the humour in this energy.

Fortunately we have Venus making a move to help keep things pleasant – she’s still in sextile to Mercury and shortly after he heads into Sagittarius she moves into Libra. Venus is happy in Libra, and she’s strong – this is home turf for her and she’s going to go around trying to persuade everyone to be nice to one another. Venus in Libra is diplomatic, cultured, refined – not for her any of these messy hurt feelings, sadness or anger of the past day or two – she wants everyone to behave and be nice and she’ll do everything she can to make sure that happens.

Venus in Libra will enjoy the soothing atmosphere and calm of an art gallery

And then, just as things are settling down and the anxieties felt with two planets (Venus and Mercury) about to change signs have lifted along comes the Moon, big and bright and very nearly completely full shedding a light on everything that’s been going on, showing where there are still unresolved tensions and where we aren’t quite fulfilling our potential – look at all the yods in this chart. It’s a temporary and transient thing – the Moon moves very quickly – but the underlying patterns are still there. As the Moon moves towards full it gives us a great opportunity to take a look at our lives, our hopes and dreams and see where there are great opportunities to build and where things aren’t working so really should be let go of.

More on the full Moon next.


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