Venus, Pluto and Uranus – a tense or illuminating few days?

As the Moon begins to wane we now look to Venus who is just about to make her way through the cardinal t-square. First opposing Uranus and then squaring Pluto. I have written a little about this here:

Cardinal square and personal planets

Now it might be worth having a little closer look at this and how it might play out in our lives over the next few days. We have three planets in a tense and stimulating aspect to one another:

Revolutionary and electric Uranus is in Aries, challenging our sense of self, our ego structures. In the 6th˚ of Aries the Sabian symbol confirms this, suggesting that the electrifying and inspirational energy of Uranus is asking us to rise above our selves and find a higher purpose:


KEYNOTE: The capacity for self-transcending.

This is the symbol of the desire to reach a higher level of existence, of pure aspiration or devotion, of bhakti. What has emerged in the first phase of the process of differentiation is becoming aware of the possibility of further up-reachings. The principle of “levitation” is seen as one of the two essential factors in evolution. The emergent being glorifies and deifies it, but it is still only an ideal. At this stage, nevertheless, the whole being experiences a childlike longing for its eventual realization.

At this point the last and synthesizing stage of the first five-fold unit in the cyclic process is reached. A NEW DIMENSION of being is envisioned mobilizing creative endeavors.

The monarch butterfly – a triangle with wings?

Meanwhile Pluto in Capricorn is delving around structures of authority and social responsibility. He’s in the 8th˚ of Capricorn, the Sabian symbol is clearly about finding a meaningful role in society and through that also finding a sense of joy:


KEYNOTE: The wholesome happiness which subservience to the ideals and patterns of a well-established culture brings to those who accept them unreservedly.

In various ways this section of the cyclic process brings to us images glorifying the power and benefits which a steady and well-integrated society brings to its members. Saturn rules Capricorn; Saturn was the ruler of the Golden Age before he became a symbol of binding limitations. He who accepts willingly or — even better — takes for granted the value of these limitations can lead a serene and happy existence, whatever his social status.

The third stage of this five-fold sequence suggests to us how we can enjoy our life condition by allowing the spiritual values it embodies to fill our consciousness. In every condition provided by a healthy culture — which hardly refers to our present chaotic world — human beings can find ENJOYMENT in the roles they are born to play.

“Use the talents you possess;
for the woods would
be very silent if no
birds sang except
the best.” – Anonymous

Picture and quote taken from here

Into this combination of energies we get Venus, the planet that delights in love, beauty, art and relationships. Venus is strong in Libra at the moment, she is self-confident and secure and so really has the potential to get a lot of benefits from this journey through the t-square – remembering that in many ways squares can be among the most creative and productive aspects if channelled effectively. Venus in Libra facing the challenge of Uranus and then the square from Pluto is being asked to check that relationship are in live with the changes that the bigger, slower moving planets are bringing about. Do our relationships support a quest for finding a greater purpose and joy in serving more than our own needs.

As she confronts Uranus from the 6th˚ of Libra her Sabian symbol indicates a looking inward at the values we show in our relationships and whether they match and also what we might need to do in the external world to bring these two into closer alignment. There is a question here about how far we attempt to project our will onto others and how far we channel a sense of care and love into our relationships:


KEYNOTE: The need to visualize clearly one’s dreams or ideals in order to make them truly effectual.

According to a French proverb, “What is well conceived can easily be formulated.” The process of interior visualization can be quite essential, except in the case of a creative individual who has become a totally pure channel for the descent of spiritual Power, and a clear lens through which the Archetype in the Mind of Man (or God) can be projected without distortion wherever needed. In other cases the creative act is less direct: a man projects into the world what he has “seen” reflected on the screen of his individualized consciousness.

This is the first stage of the thirty-eighth five-fold sequence of symbolized phases in the process of individualized existence. It is a phase of INTERIOR FORMULATION in preparation for a creative projection of one’s ideals or concepts.

Divine Inspiration by Nicolas Regnier – will we project our desires and imaginings onto others or channel a sense of love and care and inspiration towards them?

Then as Venus runs into the square from Pluto she is in the 8th˚ of Libra and the emphasis shifts into a challenge of faith and whether we have the inner strength to stay firm to our path and find strength in an internal sense of purpose which allows us to fulfil the social hopes indicated in the Pluto Sabian:


KEYNOTE: The need to realize that even through the most empty hours a spiritual power is ever ready to welcome and warm up the wayward consciousness returning to center.

Until the fire of the Soul within the human psyche totally dies out — a rare and tragic occurrence — there’s always hope of recovery and rebeginning. Many disciples find themselves compelled to abandon their spiritual quest, even after having had sense of essential being. Yet “the home” that once received them — the guru’s love[i] — remains ready to welcome the return of the “prodigal sons.”

This is the third stage in the thirty-eighth sequence of five symbols. In a sense it links the vision, catalyzed by the contact with an inspirer, with the possible reaction of fear or shock that arises from such a contact. Within the abandoned great dream, some intangible and warm “presence” remains: the ever renascent HOPE for a rebeginning.

So, over the next couple of days we have an opportunity to examine what we really need and what we can really give to relationships and match that with a sense of transcending our own ego needs, thinking about more than just ourselves. Then we have the opportunity to get a better realisation of what we can contribute to society and find a sense of joy and hope in that.

[i] The idea of ‘guru’ is interesting here as in the West we have commonly associated it with a person, a teacher, however there is a fuller understanding of the notion in the East where ‘guru’ can relate to that which inspires joy and fills with love and transcendent power. Snatam Kaur, for instance, follows the guru of divine music.

The word guru is a compound of two words, gu and ruGu means darkness and rumeans light. That which dispels the darkness of ignorance is called guru. The energy and action of removing darkness are guru. Guru is not a person, it is a force driven by grace.


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