Going backwards to go forwards

Slowly, slowly the significance of the solar eclipse begins to make itself felt – this one is in for the long haul. Eclipse lore has it that the effect of eclipses lasts as long in years as the eclipse lasted in hours, so we will keep feeling the repercussions of this eclipse right on until the beginning of 2016 – and as it is in Scorpio changes will be deep, profound and long term.

Nevertheless we get a clearer picture about what this is all about long before then (if we haven’t already had a definite indication at the time of the eclipse itself) when Mercury, now back in Scorpio, crosses the North Node and then meets up with the Sun on the 17th. This meeting sheds light on future karma, our soul’s desired path – but the backwards motion of Mercury doesn’t make the way forward straightforward – there is a sense of having to go back before you can go on, retracing steps to see what went wrong and then take the right path – a bit like being in a labyrinth or maze and realising you have come to a dead end and the only way out is back.

Theseus slays the Minotaur who inhabited the Labyrinth – as Mercury backtracks across the North Node and heads back to the eclipse degree we may need to slay some monsters of our own before we see the way forward clearly.

Shortly before Mercury crosses the North Node Mars moves into Capricorn – so one of the rulers of the eclipse (Mars shares that job with Pluto) moves into the sign of hard work and responsibility to join the other ruler of the eclipse. We begin to see that some hard graft is called for – this is not going to be a path of easy changes, rather it is going to be a process of deep structural change

At the same time as Mercury joins the Sun we have Mars making a sextile to Neptune – this indicates some inspiration, some vision of what the future might be. It’s just a dream at the moment, a nice idea, but Mars indicates that if you put in enough energy and leg work then that dream could become a reality. It’s a sign to set your sights high and dig deep into your reserves, keep your eye on the prize as Mercury heads back towards the eclipse degree and keep your nerve as the way to your future begins to make itself clear to you.

And if you want some light relief over the weekend, Mars and Neptune like nothing more than a trip to the seaside, messing about in boats, or heading off for a swim.

Mars in Capricorn sextile Neptune will like little more than a walk in a place such as this.

More about Mercury Rx and the eclipses here


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