Bring on Neptune and a rosy-glow

Another shift in energies is upon us – not as dramatic as the shifts that accompanied Saturn’s move into Scorpio back in October, but notable nonetheless, and they don’t really work in harmony with one another, so might need a bit of extra attention from us. First of all, tomorrow evening (21:51GMT) the Sun moves into Sagittarius, bringing some relief from the heavy Scorpio energies that have been around for a while now. Once in Sagittarius the energy of the Sun starts to light up our interest in far horizons, distant cultures, adventures and philosophy. It is a far more expansive and outward looking energy than Scorpio, where for the past month the Sun has been interested in digging deep and exploring intense experiences.

On the other hand, Venus, who has been happily keeping the peace and being diplomatic in Libra is poised to enter Scorpio, only a few short hours after the Sun leaves. So while the Sun is starting to look at far horizons, Venus starts to dig deep and get intense. Venus is not at all comfortable in Scorpio, it makes her feel vulnerable and threatened. With Venus ruling all things to do with relationships, beauty, art and finances too we can expect things to start getting a bit deeper and more demanding around these issues. You might also find people are a bit more prickly or defensive than usual, especially the people you are closest to – or maybe it’s you who’s feeling like that. Either way, the best approach is to be patient and not over-react, that way you get the benefits of Venus’s deep insight while she’s in Scorpio without triggering her insecurities too much.

As the Sun and Venus both move signs they move into aspect with Neptune in sync with the Sun squaring Neptune and then Venus trining Neptune less than two hours later. Neptune is now going forwards and enjoying being at home in dreamy Pisces – this could frustrate the Sun who wants to get active and get real while Neptune just wants to waft around. Unfortunately it’s a good aspect for people who want to pull the wool over your eyes – and while Venus is also getting all dreamy-eyed and wanting to escape the more unpleasant side of life this makes it more possible for liars, cheats or con-artists to slip past your guard. Of course not everyone right now is like that but it’s best not to make any lasting decisions, not to commit to anything that seems too good to be true (it probably is) until the rosy glow has lifted a bit. Instead use the time to get inspired, get spiritual or cosy up to a loved one, or loved film, or loved book etc.

This could be a great time for anyone involved in the arts – the square to the Sun is very creative and the trine from Venus brings a harmonious vibration. It’s really great for creative work, problem solving and also, with the Sun in Sagittarius, the ruler of higher education, good for anyone involved in academic work or professions such as law or publishing. Make the most of this time – it’s a lead in to some pretty heavy-hitting and long lasting aspects that begin only a day after the Sun and Venus contact Neptune and may well set the scene for years to come. More on them next!


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