And now, November eclipse number 2!

Now we come to the second of this latest pair of eclipses – and this time, following the solar eclipse in Scorpio we now have a lunar eclipse in Gemini. I have written about this pair of eclipses and their relationship to the Mercury retrograde phase here. Now I’ll devote a little time to this particular eclipse and the aspects that follow immediately after it.

The chart of this lunar eclipse has a double interlocking yod and the eclipse itself forms an axis right through one of those yods creating a very narrow ‘kite’ like shape and with that the potential to fly higher and see further than usual. However in order to do this the energy of the aspects needs to be controlled – and overall this chart is full of energy that could run off in very many different directions. It’s worth working through it piece by piece.

A yod is an aspect of nervous, difficult to spot and therefore difficult to control energy. The apex planet feels somehow out of kilter, the sextile, base planets could provide stability but it is difficult for the apex planet to see how.

There are two yods in the lunar eclipse:

The first has Moon/Lilith at the apex, in Gemini – very deep, powerful emotions are being channelled through the Moon – not surprisingly the Moon is uncomfortable as in Gemini the usual outlet would be in thoughts or through the intellect. The Moon’s discomfort may result in angry and emotional outbursts, harsh words or even words that don’t seem to make sense on a rational level. Here the potential stabilising energy comes from Venus/Saturn and Mars/Pluto. Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception – established structures are being explored, examined, unpicked, rebuilt. Venus in Scorpio is passionate, emotional, sensual – it is a demonstrative placement. It brings risk of overindulgence. Mars is in Capricorn, self-confident, reassuring, hard working, energetic and ambitious. It looks as though this yod is best handled by keeping the body’s energy in balance through exercise and keeping the emotions in balance through being in contact with the earth – balance found in this way will allow the Moon to express in more poetic, less rational ways but still through words, thoughts, writing, conversation.

The second yod has the Saturn/Venus conjunction at the apex – again, the emotions are deep, powerful, sensual, expressive, but Saturn restricts and demands they be real, solid, substantial. Potential stabilising factors are Moon in Gemini and Uranus in Aries – an ability to think through emotional reactions, understand them from an intellectual point of view and a willingness to break down ego structures. The key to balancing this yod is to ensure that the Moon can find expression and to ensure that you have opportunities to act independently, unhampered by the demands of others for at least some of the time. If this is done then the desire of Venus and Saturn to understand the potential for creating something lastingly beautiful from this time will be enhanced.

Tying these two yods together is the square between Uranus in Aries and Mars/Pluto in Capricorn. Trying to break away from the conflict and tension of the cardinal square we have the Moon with Lilith and Venus with Saturn – an attempt to express in concrete/earthy/real terms deeply felt emotions and desires. The need is to allow our deepest, even hidden or unacknowledged emotions full expression and through that come to a new vision or understanding of how we will build security and love into our lives.

Powering into this is the Sun in Sagittarius – it is bright, optimistic, energetic, philosophical – this is the bright hope for the future that lights up this aspect pattern.

So, in brief, for the eclipse and the transits in the lead in, focus on ensuring that physical and emotional energies are balanced, preferably through exercise that connects you to the earth (walking, running, riding – outdoors activity, in parks or countryside). Then ensure you have opportunity to express yourself, independently of others, time to yourself is important. Expression could be through poetry, automatic writing, stream of consciousness work, meditation etc. Finally, allow what is expressed to be built into a vision or idea for the future – especially relating to whichever natal house the Venus/Saturn conjunction is in. This vision should include real things, not just ideas, but a vision of what it will actually look or feel like in real life. This vision needs to be expanded to include philosophy, society – and also a commitment to action.

Barefoot in the Park – a great, feel good rom com to enjoy over the eclipse perhaps?

Very soon after the eclipse Venus finishes off tying the Saturn energies to the Mars and Pluto conjunction by first sextiling Pluto and then Mars. This is the final flourish of the eclipse energies and as a final flourish they are quite intriguing. Venus in aspect to Pluto, especially where Venus is in Pluto’s sign, is an aspect of deep, emotional sensitivity and vulnerability. It is open to connecting with others at a very profound level, but with that openness comes an awareness of the potential to be hurt. Fortunately with the sextile the likelihood is that hurt is not the outcome – what looks more likely is that with an open an honest and trusting approach to whatever insights the eclipse may have uncovered will come the potential for growth both within ourselves and in relationship to others. On a more mundane level we may be able to establish a more healthy and balanced approach to our finances and resources, understanding and being willing to share with others and not being so possessive or defensive about what we consider to be ‘ours’, or being so jealous of we we consider to be ‘theirs’ – whoever ‘they’ happen to be.

Following on from the sextile to Pluto Venus then makes the sextile to Mars – a nice harmonious aspect between physical energies of male and female, yin and yang, active and receptive. This is a good aspect for relationships and also for health as it indicates a balance achieved. As the closing aspect to the eclipse energies it tends to suggest that with attention paid to maintaining balance and acting on the insights achieved the energies should play out productively over the next few months.


2 thoughts on “And now, November eclipse number 2!

  1. Excellent, Coromell ! It must be a relief to you that we’re finally in the sturm and drang of aspects you’ve been analyzing for many months now. I’ll share for my other astro-pals on Facebook.

    The Saturn-Venus point is conjunct my Neptune 12th. Lately, I find myself exploring fine art and music, more than intellectual research. I remembered a dream of myself walking alone on the beach, older than when I had the original dream. She was an art gallery owner. This is as close to practical purpose as I’ve reached, but the dream seems a striking symbol to coalesce all Neptunian/12th energy into focus. I’m also receiving a lot of support from various directions regarding my creative skills; and involved with many conversations supporting each other’s creative pathways, options and the necessary technical skills required to reach new goals in this global world.

    Your astrological thoughts are an important link in these musings. ~ Moira

    • Thanks Moira! I don’t know about a relief but it certainly does begin to feel like we’re moving into the final playing-out of the combined retrogrades and eclipses – phew it’s been quite a year!
      I like the sound of the Neptune arts, dreams, beach musings – yes, it seems very appropriately symbolic. I do think this eclipse will open a window onto visions for the future and for that reason will take some time to play out as we slowly start to walk the path that will actually get us there.
      Glad to be part of your musings!
      Thanks again

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