Jupiter, a yod and the Sun – hints of hope and new possibilities

Jupiter, slowly retrograding over points that Venus retrograded earlier in the year, today forms a yod with Venus and Mars that echoes the yod the Moon formed at the eclipse. The Moon always casts something of an odd light, it’s difficult to tell what’s real and what’s fantasy – and what’s fantasy about to become real, or real about to pass into fantasy… plus the mixing of personal and impersonal planets with Venus/Saturn and Mars/Pluto was knitting together a lot of feelings and thoughts and impressions that were impacting lots of different facets of ourselves and our lives all at the same time.

Now Jupiter is working on unravelling these so that we can understand a bit better what it means for us both as individuals and in relation to the wider world.

Sun opposite Jupiter 1212

First the yod I mentioned above – Jupiter Rx forming the apex with personal planets Mars and Venus at the base. This is about finding balance in our personal lives and relationships (Mars and Venus) so that we can contribute to, or more effectively express, our place in the wider world (Jupiter). It’s about the social impacting on the personal and the personal providing the stability to participate effectively in the social (with Jupiter that social can mean religious or community organisations, education, learning, travel). The irritating, challenging energy of the yod asks what is important to you, how do your relationships help you in achieving that – or how might they?

Then the Sun moves to oppose Jupiter, again echoing the pattern of the eclipse and again highlighting both a sense of tension and a sense of possibility around Jupiter ruled things. I liked the pattern of the Jupiter Sun opposition, it seems to me to shed more light on the eclipse and its message, so I looked at the Sabian symbols:

eagle in flight



KEYNOTE: The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations.

The “flag” is the abstract symbol of the nation; it becomes an “eagle” when the concept is made alive by bold and transcendent action. The eagle symbolizes spiritual will and the power to rise to the highest possible altitude of consciousness and purpose. Flying at such an altitude, the eagle is the first living creature to perceive the rising sun. Having perceived it, it heralds it — and by so doing is identified with the crowing chanticleer, who had convinced himself that his resonant cry was responsible for the rise of the sun and the coming of a new day.

This second stage symbol speaks of “peak experiences” instead of the wisdom found in the organismic depth of the body- consciousness. It urges us to bring our noblest ideals to actual life through the power of the spiritual will. A Keyword might be ANNUNCIATION.

An image from the film 'The Navigator' - I was reminded of this film which is a wonderful tale of jouneying into new lands:http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0095709/

An image from the film ‘The Navigator’ – I was reminded of this film which is a wonderful tale of jouneying into new lands, I put a link to a clip at the bottom of the post. 



KEYNOTE: Liberation from the ghosts of the past.

While “newly opened lands” theoretically offer virgin fields for experience, in fact those men and women who reach them find themselves conditioned by their own past. They carry the ghosts of their former lives and the memories of collective social patterns with which they had identified their egos. Every new beginning is surrounded with ghosts (or personal and social karma). No field of activity is ever totally “virgin.” It has its inhabitants, and they cling to their possessions or privileges. Whoever seeks to be truly an individual must be liberated from the past.

Here at this second stage new lands are opened, but they are filled with lives, and the pioneer’s mind filled with ghosts, preconceptions, and prejudices or expectations. What is needed is a total LIQUIDATION of the past; virgin minds for virgin fields.


So, all this as Jupiter retrogrades over the earlier Venus retrograde degrees, on his way to the Venus station direct degree – it knits it together, raising issues that were raised during Venus Rx but this time casting them in the light of the wider world and the hopes and aspirations and possibilities that can come with that.

Some notes on the chart that help to tell more of the story – Psyche is heading into a conjunction with  Saturn, trining Chiron as she does so – this can represent healing, a restoration of faith, thinking back to the myth of Psyche as she moves through the Scorpionic underworld, something brings her hope. Also sextile to Orcus – the soul’s song from the deep – something speaks to us, maybe just a small voice, or a slight stirring, drawing our attention – it’ a good time to listen, to allow our attention to be drawn. Mercury and Pandora are conjunct on the solar eclipse degree of the 13th – maybe Pandora gets to tell her side of the story – and she still has hope, the one that didn’t fly away from her. Sophia meanwhile, is travelling through that part of the sky where, at the beginning of the year Mars was going backwards hand in hand with Psyche – Sophia’s role here is to bring wisdom and compassion to events and experiences triggered at that time.

On her journey into the underworld Psyche hears a small voice that tells her Charon the ferryman will help her in her quest.

On her journey into the underworld Psyche hears a small voice that tells her Charon the ferryman will help her in her quest.

Thereis a biquintile (2/5 of a circle) between Jupiter and Saturn – plus a biquintile between the Moon and both Chiron and Juno, between Venus and Vesta and Jupiter and Psyche too. I do like quintles and biquintiles – for me if any aspect pattern can form something real from ideas and feelings then it is the quintile/biquintile. I believe that what we do at this time will lay definite foundations for the future – so do something we should, but we should be aware how we will be able to build on our actions in the months to come.

Who knows what this new world is we each head towards, but whatever it is, it seems clear we need to approach it with hope, and with hearts and minds free from the hurts and disappointments of the past.


Link to The Navigator, pt1


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