Messages, ideas, gossip and maybe a past connection reappears

Today Mercury and Jupiter move opposite one another, each in the sign ruled by the other, so they are in mutual reception, which means they have a special and particular understanding with one another. Jupiter is the expansive, jovial giant of the zodiac, taking nothing particularly seriously and showering blessings (or mischief) upon whoever he comes across. Mercury is the messenger of the gods, the news bringer, full of ideas and information.

Jupiter is often thought of as the jovial, uncle figure of the zodiac - he puts me in mind of the laughing Buddha

Jupiter is often thought of as the jovial, uncle figure of the zodiac – he puts me in mind of the laughing Buddha

Jupiter in Gemini has a tendency to bring in lots of information, news, communications and so on – but he’s moving backwards at the moment so these could well be messages that have been delayed or that relate to something in your past. Mercury in Sagittarius is more philosophical than usual, not quite so quick off the mark because he’s busy gazing into the distance and having big ideas. Somehow these are able to come together more effectively than usual today with Mercury able to communicate with more clarity the deeper philosophical ideas of Sagittarius, relating them back to past experiences or conversations as Jupiter remembers these going backwards in Gemini.

mercury opposite jupiter 1212

Of course, there is a possible alternative manifestation of this – Mercury might just find himself putting his foot in it all over the place while Jupiter denies any responsibility and backs out of the situation – typical Jupiter high jinks and mischief making.

This Mercury opposite Jupiter links back to the lunar eclipse at the end of November as it forms a similar focused yod with Saturn and Pluto, having moved on a couple of degrees – it may bring some further news or developments about issues looked at back then. So Saturn and Pluto (who are also in mutual reception) provide a base from which the ideas and ideals of Mercury and Jupiter can become communicated and achieved. Saturn and Pluto relate to the ongoing unpicking and rebuilding of social structures and our role in society, it is gradually shifting our sense of where our responsibilities lie and who we are really answerable to. This base can channel energy towards the apex of the yod, and also receive energy from the apex planet – so messages we hear are likely to relate to work, status, power in some way. The apex planet is also exchanging energy with mercury and channelling that towards Saturn and Pluto, so lots of talk and messages and ideas going around at the moment.

Important messages may come through artistic or creative means

Important messages may come through artistic or creative means

Venus, now also in Sagittarius, is also moving towards activating this same yod pattern and is widely conjunct Mercury as Mercury makes the opposition so is involved in today’s action, even if just from the sidelines. Venus can be something of a gossip so if there are tensions in your life at the moment, especially in work situations, you might find there is some gossip stirring things up for a little while (better watch yourself at the office party then). Alternatively messages may be picking up some ideas around finances and arts related subjects, an alternative input from the Venus energy.

As all the planets in today’s focused yod are in mutual reception with one other it may well take Venus moving through the opposition to Jupiter  before we find out more about all the messages circulating today – and that happens in about a week’s time. Until then we can expect lots more messages, gossip and ideas circulating which might not always join up or make sense.


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