Take a deep breath…

Mercury and Mars continue to gear up some of the outer planets making their energies more visible in our personal, everyday lives. Mercury is moving into a conjunction with Pluto and a sextile with Saturn, aspects which will particularly colour the feel of tomorrow. With Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception these two energies are in tune with one another, as Mercury moves into aspect he picks up on these energies and does what Mercury is best at – listens and then communicates the messages he hears. At the moment, with Mercury moving through Capricorn these messages are likely to be around work, authority, public acknowledgement and the organisational structures that order our lives. The contact to Pluto is very likely to uncover hidden motives or the undercurrents, behind the scenes activity that is usually not discussed or even thought about. Where there has been deceitful behaviour and manipulation it is more likely to come to light at this time – news you hear might hint towards such things. It is easy for people to try to be controlling at this time too, believing that they have your own best interests at heart – but with the conjunction and sextile aspects it might not be the best time to confront people about these issues, it could well be better to use the energy to gain understanding of what is going on but not to be confrontational about it at this point.


The Sabian symbol for Mercury conjunct Pluto is:


KEYNOTE: The overcoming of fear and its rewards.

The man who radiates perfect harmlessness can call the wildest creatures to him and can establish with them a partnership based on mutual respect and understanding. Every living entity plays a role in the world’s ritual of existence; beyond these specific roles, which too often separate one entity from another, the communion of love and compassion can bring together the most disparate lives.

At this last stage of the fifty-sixth sequence we are presented with a picture extending the ideal of peace and happiness through culture so it now includes all living organisms on this planet. The power of such a culture of harmlessness and compassion generates TRUST everywhere.

These are great aspects for research along political and psychological lines – and the presence of Pluto could well bring in discussions about subjects that are more usually discussed in private – for instance around sex and death. Anyone seeking to find some enlightenment about the deepest motivations of human nature is likely to find these transits very useful.

michael sheen

The Sabian symbol for Mars as he makes the square to Saturn suggests where possible we understand these transits in terms of our own personal development needs rather than projected onto others who we then blame for our circumstances:


KEYNOTE: The need to deal with human beings as persons rather than as screens upon which one projects one’s dream and ideal.

Here we have a final statement on the relationship between mental-spiritual vision and living reality, between persons and the ideal they appear to incarnate, between the “great lover Image” and one’s need for love — a love his presence stimulated and aroused. The “star” on the movie screen is not the actual person. The star’s popularity fades away, the person remains. What has this episode of popularity actually done to the person? This is a question that can be applied to a great variety of circumstances.

This fifth symbol in the sixty-second sequence brings to our attention an issue that is basic and may confront us in various forms. Person versus archetype. This can mean a critical need for SELF-REVALUATION.

(Image Michael Sheen in ‘The Passion’)

Soon after Mercury has moved through these aspects, picking up news and deciding who to communicate it to, Mars move in to a square to Saturn. This is a more problematic and confrontational aspect. Really it is in action at the same time as the mercury aspects, although it becomes exact a little later. This working together of the energies suggest that arguments are more likely than they would be if Mercury was moving through these aspects alone. News that Mercury brings might well spark off disagreements and anger, especially if people fee l that they have been lied to or not consulted on key issues. There is a desire to bring things out into the open and clear the air – this is not a bad thing provided there is clarity about the issues being raised. The problem with Pluto’s presence is that his energy often raises issues that are not clear, they are murky and confusing and plug into a less rational, more feeling part of us – if these energies are triggered we might well go off the deep end. At times like these the old trick of counting to ten before you say anything and also of listening hard to what the other person has to say and letting them finish is invaluable.

Saturn’s presence in all of this suggests a sense of frustration, of being restricted, of feeling that you can’t express yourself or that you aren’t appreciated. Saturn also asks for hard work and discipline – and for the willingness to let things go or get rid of things that aren’t working. Mars in square to Saturn is likely to rev up this kind of energy leading to decisions to break away from things which you feel are holding you back. Snap decisions made under this aspect are probably not the best way to go – it may be better to reach an understanding about what you find so frustrating and then make a decision about what to do about it later. On the other hand if there are frustrating and restrictive elements in your life at the moment (anything from your own habits through to unsupportive colleagues or unfulfilling work) this aspect may well provide the impetus you need to break away from it.


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