New Moon in Capricorn – hard work, service, dedication…

Tomorrow we have the first New Moon of 2013, at 19:43 GMT, in Capricorn sign of organisation, authority, dignity, prudence and ambition. It’s a great time to consider how these qualities manifest in our lives, and also what we want to achieve, what ambitions we bring with us into this year that is still new.

Capricorn New Moon 2013

This New Moon is on 21+˚ Capricorn and the Sabian symbol is:


KEYNOTE: The realization that one may grow through defeat as well as, and perhaps more than, through success.

While the preceding symbol referred to the drive toward success in culturally organized collective endeavors, this one presents us with the possibility of turning apparent external defeat into an inner spiritual achievement. We have recently seen how totally vanquished nations (Germany and Japan) have leaped forward and achieved great economic success. Much depends on the quality of the will and the inner integrity of the person.

At this second stage we find what seems to be a paradox, but the spiritual life is always paradoxical. The great sinner can become the most renowned saint, and a medieval Pope a criminal. What matters most always is INNER STRENGTH

Geronimo - an Apache 'general' who had to admit defeat, but whose legend lives on:

Geronimo – an Apache ‘general’ who had to admit defeat, but whose legend lives on:

This theme of inner strength is reinforced by Vesta who has now moved to occupy the apex point of the yod, so the energy being created by the sextile of Saturn and Pluto is capable of providing a solid base for those of Vesta to more fully express themselves. Vesta in her turn turns her attention to the activity of Saturn and Pluto and can assist them in their work of understanding and reforming social and political structures and our relationship with authority – both in our personal lives and in the wider world. Vesta, as the goddess charged with keeping the sacred flame alight, is connected to devotion to dedication to a spiritual aim, she is concerned with how we express our care for one another and with the strength and dedication that is needed to protect the source of our energy – for ourselves, our families and our close friends.

Vesta can relate to sexuality and sexual relationships and the source of nurturance or draining that these can bring. Her position in the yod at the New Moon suggests that there may be some personal work to do in our relationships to ensure that the structures supporting them (our work, finances, aims, drives and so on) are bringing benefit to the relationship and helping it to flourish and grow or whether they are actually sapping our strength and energy.


Poseidon is now involved in that yod, lending additional strength to Saturn. Poseidon is a trans-Neptunian hypothetical planet – a point where if a planet existed it would help to even out the irregularities in the orbits of Neptune and Pluto. Saturn’s contact with Poseidon adds a more spiritual, cultured and enlightened quality to the practical, persistent and responsible energy of Saturn and allows the yod to integrate more spiritual ideals into how it manifests – or in other words into how social structures and so on are being understood and re-formed through the Saturn sextile to Pluto.


Looking at the North Node, the path of future karma, that which we are beckoned towards even if it feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar, asteroid Hebe is conjunct the North Node. Hebe was the Greek goddess of youth, daughter of Zeus and Hera. She was also the cupbearer to the gods, serving them nectar and ambrosia at their feasts, until she was married off to the Hero Herakles. Astrologically Hebe can be thought to indicate an attitude of service, of understanding and putting up with others’ more egocentric behaviour and of negotiation (because she needed to continually negotiate between her husband and her mother as they didn’t get on very well). Conjunct the North Node at the time of the New Moon indicates that egocentric and selfish attitudes will not get us to where we want to go, we may have to pay more attention to the needs and desires of others for a while and if there are people close to us who are at odds with one another we may be asked to play peacemaker between them.


Hebe's wedding to Herakles

Hebe’s wedding to Herakles

All in all this looks like a quiet New Moon, a time to gather energy and strength, a time to think about how to sustain our energy levels and notice how things could change to make that easier in the long run. It is a New Moon for seeing potential and understanding, for thoughtfulness and to sow the seeds for a time of greater strength and spiritual benefits that the changes we can slowly begin to nurture can bring.

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