A week to understand the goddess at work

Oooh, tomorrow, 13th January, we have Venus squaring Uranus – an edgy and exciting energy, perhaps not so good for concentration or permanence, but stimulating and inspiring nonetheless. It’s great for doing something as little out of the ordinary and adventurous and could even lead to some interesting encounters and attractions if you keep your eyes open – the trick will be to enjoy but not to read too much into anything.

This square to Uranus marks the beginning of Venus’s pass through the cardinal square formed by Uranus and Pluto. This transit will colour the next few days and may lead to some tensions in relations, perhaps especially at work, as Venus moves through Capricorn the sign of work, ambition and authority. I have written more about what we might experience as different planets pass through this cardinal square here. As Venus moves through this part of the skies over the next few days we might find we are less loving or find it harder to express our love, we may feel inhibited in some way and then that our emotions burst out at difficult times and in inappropriate or uncomfortable ways. We may also find we experience very deep emotions that it is difficult for us to share with others in which case the best course of action may be to not try, just for a little while, focus instead on understanding just what it is you are feeling so that when the time comes you are ready to act upon those feelings.



As Venus moves towards the conjunction with Pluto, marking the end of her transit through the cardinal square, she also moves into a sextile with Saturn and so contributes her energy to the ongoing yod formed by the sextile between Saturn and Pluto, and at various times Jupiter, Lilith and Vesta. At the moment, and for the next few days, the apex of that yod is being formed by Vesta, just as it was for the New Moon, which I wrote about in my last post. Venus and Vesta have an affinity with one another as Vesta is considered to be a more specialised version of Venus energy – it is a particular expression of the Venusian themes of art, beauty and relationships expressed in a sisterly kind of way[i]. This will help to make these Venusian energies more active over the next days and we may well find we are interacting with others from a point of caring equals (it may well also mean more communications from real life sisters and female friends). This is a great energy for any work related projects where you have to work with others to get across a message about restructuring or re-forming the work place as it will be able to draw on all of the energy oh Saturn, Pluto, Venus and Vesta – make the most of it! Try to put difficult emotions to one side for a little while and focus on the task at hand.



In fact all the ‘faces of Venus’ as Vesta, Ceres, Juno and Pallas are sometimes called are pretty strong at the moment. We have Ceres slowing down to make her own about turn and move forwards again, on the midpoint of where Venus and Jupiter turned to go backwards last year – by the time Jupiter moves forwards Ceres has moved into position to remind him of the link between his journey back through the skies and the journey that Venus made back last summer. There is a maternal quality to this energy, a kind of pushing things or persuading them to become the best that they could be.



Meanwhile Juno is conjunct Pluto and so feeding her energy into that yod and joining forces with Venus to do so. Venus, Juno and Vesta working together to influence how the energies run through the yod will help to give it an expression which is geared towards relationships and understanding how we all work together to achieve our aims. Juno’s presence brings a ‘wifely’ quality into the picture in that she understand the power and the need for partnership – it’s an indication that this is a time to work with one another. Juno, however, wasn’t a meek and mild type, she got pretty angered by Jupiter’s arrogance and infidelity and although she remained committed to the marriage she ,ade sure people knew just what she felt. By the same token Juno can become pretty peeved if others decide to do their own thing and ignore her contributions and needs – so to make the most of current opportunities we’ll need to ensure that we are properly acknowledged, and also that we are properly acknowledging the contributions of others.



Finally, Pallas is heading towards Uranus – Pallas is the daughter and the warrior princess, taking many qualities from her father, Zeus, fro whose forehead she sprang after Zeus swallowed her pregnant mother. She brings clear sightedness, objectivity and a fighting spirit along with a philosophical and mathematical bent – bringing these qualities into the picture with Uranus can lead to great insights and breakthroughs in thinking. But Pallas has little time for soft emotions, she’s not going to ease the pressure of the cardinal square so much as bring some insights as to what it means. So all in all the various faces of the goddess Venus are coming together to make a very good time toput in some hard work to achieve an ambition, to achieve that cooperatively with others, and to bring its benefits into the reforming efforts of both the cardinal square and the ongoing yod.

jupiter square chiron 16113

At the same time as all this is going on we also have Jupiter now returned to the degree where he will turn forwards again at the end of the month. Now he has returned to this spot he is forming the square to Chiron that I wrote a little about here. This emphasises the need to ensure that our religious, spiritual and philosophical needs are being met in our social and community environment and reminds us that whatever changes are set in motion that they need to incorporate some spiritual or philosophical values and not just be about pragmatics, an easy life, making more money or similar. I also con’t help but think that with all the ‘goddess’ activity at the moment more ‘Jupiterian’ things who have maybe been a little careless of their influence and others’ feelings are being taught a thing or two – like Jupiter is being shown the damage he’s done and is being told to mend his ways. So you might find people who have been too extravagant, self-centred, careless of the hurts of others, wrapped up in their own power and charm, too concerned to maintain a status quo that is comfortable for them – all negative things associated with Jupiter – might get the opportunity to see their actions from a different point of view.


For more about the faces of Venus:

Mother Sky has quite an in depth article

This is a link to a classic text pdf by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch

And Cathy H Burroughs has a nice, easy-read article

[i] The other expressions of Venus through the asteroids are with Ceres as maternal expression, Pallas (or more accurately Pallas-Athene) as daughterly expression and Juno as wifely expression.


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