Mercury and the Sun light the Way

Tomorrow, 18th January, sees the culmination of the latest Mercury cycle with the superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury at 28+ Capricorn. The superior conjunction takes place when Mercury is on the opposite side of the Sun to Earth and follows the inferior conjunction which happens when mercury is on the same side of the Sun as the Earth and when it is apparently travelling backwards in the skies, or retrograde.

The superior conjunction is like a full moon phase – it shows how the seeds sown and ideas and projects begun during the retrograde phase are actually working out and whether they are worth continuing with. It is a time of understanding and realisations linked to experiences and feelings that arose during the retrograde phase. In relation to this superior conjunction the last retrograde of Mercury moved from Sagittarius back into Scorpio and the inferior conjunction was also conjunct the North Node and so indicated potential developments which were tied to a kind of ‘fated’ or karmic path. I wrote about this time in the article going backwards to go forwards and also in Mercury Retrograde and the Eclipses.

Mercury and Apollo

This superior conjunction should help us to see more clearly how we stand and just what those eclipses were trying to allow into our lives. Now we can begin to see whether the path we eventually decided upon back in November really is taking us in the direction we hoped it would, whether it looks as though our plans will live up to their promise, the potential they seemed to have back in the Autumn. This sense of starting to see how things are playing out is strengthened by Psyche, our constant companion over many recent retrogrades, now on the Mercury direct degree, the degree at which he entered his shadow back in the Autumn.

Mercury SC 18113

Psyche is now forming a constructive quintile to the superior conjunction – it is as though she is taking on the task of reminding us what it was we were thinking, wanting, hoping for and allows us to see how far we have moved towards that and what further steps we need to take to turn our hopes into reality. Psyche and the North Node are moving towards one another whilst Sedna and the South Node are doing the same – this is important in terms of understanding the playing out of the November eclipse energy, as I wrote yesterday.

The Sabian symbol for the superior conjunction is a reminder to pay attention to little things that happen around us, small pointers that will help us be able to understand whether we are indeed on the right path or whether there is yet more re-thinking to do:


KEYNOTE: The ability to see the Signature of hidden meaning in every occurrence drawing one’s attention.

Man has always sought to interpret the meaning of events or situations which baffle him in terms of specific omens or “Signatures.” The reading of tea leaves is only a commonplace modern version of a certain type of procedure used by priests of all ancient religions. The practice is based on a realization of “the relation of everything to everything else” — a definition of astrology given by Marc Jones. Dream interpretation in depth psychology belongs to the same category, as it is based upon the establishment of a close connection between the unconscious and the conscious. But in dream analysis the individual unconscious, at least at first, is mainly referred to, while in omens (or modern fortune-telling at its best) one relies upon the power of occult forces or entities to convey the information that will clarify confusing situations.

This fourth stage symbol can be referred to a specific “technique” of understanding or evaluation. What is implied is the ability not only to perceive the facts of everyday existence, but to see through these facts and discover how they are related to the realm of basic meanings or archetypal processes. This is essentially what is meant by true CLAIRVOYANCE, the capacity to see in everything the Signature of deeper realities.

reading tea leaves


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