Time to think outside the Box!

Today Mercury and the Sun both move into Aquarius – in fact, as I write this Mercury is already there and the Sun is close behind, just finishing off a few things in Capricorn. This entry into Aquarius indicates a shift in energy and focus, from the ‘head down, hard work’ attitude of responsible Capricorn to the inspirations and ‘out of the box’ thinking of Aquarius.


Traditionally both these signs are ruled by Saturn and in many ways indicate a time for hard work rather than pleasure and enjoyment. It’s no accident that in the northern hemisphere these Saturn ruled signs are those of the winter. But there is a very different quality to them – while Capricorn is about getting through by working hard and persevering Aquarius is about problem solving, finding new ways of approaching things. It is this problem-solving energy that both Mercury and the Sun now plug into for the next few weeks – and we can all use it to find new approaches to old problems.

aquarius constellation

Aquarius is also the sign of organisations, colleagues, charities and so on – it’s an energy that is sociable, but not in the intimate, one-to-one sort of way of Libra. Aquarius is airy and intellectual, a sign of humanitarian ideals and dreams of universal brotherhood. It’s a good time to align our personal work and ideals with those of the wider society or of social groups that we feel something in common with. Aquarius does have something of the rebel about it, so it’s not a time just to conform but to speak up about what you believe in, discuss your hopes and dreams and try to find others who share them with you.


Aquarius is symbolised by the water bearer and so has a strong link to the tarot card ‘Temperance’. Temperance is all about finding the right mix, getting the balance right – the work/life balance, the emotional/rational balance, the introvert/extrovert balance. The sign of Aquarius comes between hard working Capricorn who respects authority and time and spiritually expansive Pisces who recognises no mundane limits such as space and time. Aquarius mingles the two so that we can achieve things while we are here on earth but also remember that there is another aspect to us, a more spiritual and transcendent quality and we must give time to that as well as to earthly responsibilities.


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