Out of the Blue!

The rest of this week looks good for communications – messages, writing, talking, all manner of things involving words are well starred and should gather pace in the coming days beginning with today’s Mercury sextile Uranus. This aspect can bring sudden news, surprises and ‘out of the blue’ information and ideas. The sextile aspect (1/6th of a circle) is a harmonious aspect so hopefully the news and ideas will be good – although the more inspired thoughts may take a little work to put into action.

Just a few hours after the Mercury sextile Uranus we then get Mercury forming a trine to Jupiter. Mercury is ruling Jupiter who is just on the verge of heading forwards again after his few months of going backwards. It looks like news received now can help slot things into place so that Jupiter is clearer about which way he is going and what needs to be done. Finally, issues which may have been stuck since last July might get that extra bit of information they need to start moving forward again.


Out of the Blue - Irina Charny Mosaics

Out of the Blue – Irina Charny Mosaics

On the 25th and 26th we get a run of aspects to lead us into the Full Moon – the Sun echoes the aspects that Mercury makes with the sextile to Uranus and the trine to Jupiter – this hammers home not just the messages that Mercury brought but also the things that need to be done as a result. The Sun can bring interesting meetings with other people and the links to both Uranus and Jupiter can increase our magnetism and our confidence so make the most of these energies and push forward with plans towards the end of the week.

One little word of caution comes as Mercury squares Saturn – this is not going to be plain sailing and will demand hard work and persistence. It’s a time to be very clear about what you say – take some time over it and make sure you are both clear in how you communicate and that you listen to others too – Mercury square to Saturn can bring bad temper and sulky moods if not handled well. On the other hand he can also bring a sense of responsibility and the grounding that is needed to stabilise plans and make them sustainable – with the high powered enthusiasm of the Sun in aspect to Uranus and Jupiter this is probably no bad thing!


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