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Early on Sunday (04:39GMT) we have this year’s Leo full moon. This is the first full moon to fall on the Leo/Aquarius axis since the Leo new moon back in August last year. I wrote about that Leo new moon here pointing out that the promise of that new moon might not begin to show itself until this weekend’s full moon. Back in the summer the energy was very promising and positive and took a lot of energy from the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra indicating the will to find some deeper commitment or sense of responsibility within relationships of all kinds. The Sabian symbol for that new moon was full of hope – a rainbow after the storm. Now we have the full moon – the promise of that time begins to show itself, we can gain some clarity about how well things have been working out over the past few months and where they are really leading us. This coming full moon falls earlier in Leo than the new moon did so in many ways it symbolises a beginning rather than completion – it marks the beginning of ideas being dreamed up back in the summer becoming real.

Leo Full Moon 27113

This full moon also sees Jupiter standing still in the heavens, ready to move forwards again. Back at the Leo new moon Jupiter was moving through his shadow, getting a first look at issues he would address during his retrograde movement. Jupiter has now gone back over everything he intended to, rearranging things and is now set to move forwards – marking another beginning of kinds to match that indicated by the full moon; a beginning which might be re-visiting some issues but with our understanding and attitudes rearranged and arrangements also rearranged as regards the social side of things.

This being said there is still some difficult energy that comes with this full moon – there are a whole series of yods beginning with the Moon herself at the apex of a yod with Chiron and Pluto at the base and the Sun forming a focus to the yod. The challenge here is to allow the energies of Pluto and Chiron to work together (there is some deep delving into issues about responsibility, authority and the harm that can be done by a slavish following of what is ‘expected’ or what maintains the status quo) and then allow that energy to channel into the emotions that the Moon arouses. The Moon in Leo likes to act out her emotions so find a way to express yourself – singing, dancing and playing music  are really good for this, or even going to see a play. Acting out emotions in this constructive kind of way can allow the light of the Sun to shine fully – and with the Sun in Aquarius and conjunct Mercury we might find inspiration comes through thinking and talking about humanitarian ideals, the positive potential of humanity and ways we can support that.

Seana McKenna as Phedre - acting out emotions in a creative and constructive way is a key to using the energy of this full moon effectively

Seana McKenna as Phedre – acting out emotions in a creative and constructive way is a key to using the energy of this full moon effectively

The other yods have Pluto at the apex and the Moon and Vesta at the base and Vesta at the apex with Pluto and Saturn at the base – these repeat similar themes; Vesta and the Moon can work together to give emotional depth and clarity to the work that Pluto is doing while Pluto and Saturn bring a sense and responsibility that can support Vesta in her work keeping the sacred fire, the heart of humanity burning. As ever the challenge with yods is to get the energies working together and with this being a full moon chart it looks as though the best way to do that is to focus on the Leo Moon and finding constructive and creative ways of allowing our emotions to be expressed.

The Sabian symbols for the full moon repeat a sense of beginning to put things into action and also finding ways to express emotions in an idealistic and humanitarian way. The Moon in Leo has:


KEYNOTE: The emotional and ideological attempt to return to a state of non-differentiation and chaos as a prelude to a new type of order.

This symbol, beyond all present-day socio-political controversy, represents the activity of destructive or catabolic forces (one aspect of the Indian god Shiva) in answer to the type of confrontation suggested by the symbol for Leo 6°. The old order is confronted by the youthful drive for a new way of life and a new sense of values. As the old order refuses to yield its prerogatives, this refusal polarizes violent revolutionary action. The revolutionary may have beautiful dreams of a “classless” society free from greed and harsh struggles for survival, but the first practical result of his activity almost inevitably appears as “chaos.” Yet chaos is a state of being that calls for a new descent of the power to reorganize and differentiate. Alas, such a descent most often is still based on old concepts, and one witnesses a struggle for personal and dictatorial power.

This is the third stage of the twenty-sixth sequence of five phases, and ideally it could show how the vision of a cosmic order (stage two) might heal the potential conflict between an obsolete Establishment and its youthful challengers (stage one). But reality today presents a more cruel picture of CATABOLIC ACTION.

Che Guevara - possibly the most iconic political activist.

Che Guevara – possibly the most iconic political activist.

While the Sun in Aquarius gets an image that indicates the inspiration we can receive from ideals and ideas about the kind of society or culture we want to build:


KEYNOTE: The inspiration one may derive from the appearance of Exemplars who present to us the archetypes of a new culture.

We are dealing here with the fixed symbols upon which a culture is based, with mental archetypes. They are kept and made available as patterns to imitate, or at least from which to draw new motives for inspiration. We are at the stage of vision: new forms are revealed to the consciousness, as well as new ways of meeting other people in social relationships.

This is the third stage in the sixty-second sequence of five symbols. In a sense the generic human past and the future are implied here. The wax figures are impersonal forms. The gowns constitute a static presentation of ideal patterns; yet they are the PREFORMATION of what will be experienced in the culture being born. They herald new collective developments.


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