A slow shift forwards

Slowly things are shifting, projects and plans that have been waiting, stuck or somehow just not delivering start to move ahead, slowly at first but gradually picking up momentum. Jupiter is about to turn forwards again and as this big giant of the solar system starts to look forwards all Jupiter related things in our lives also start to go ahead. Jupiter rules all things to do with the social structure we live in – laws, religions, philosophies and higher education, and also any activities that allow us to think about these social structures – anything from publications to travel to distant lands.

Over the past months Jupiter has been back tracking over issues or projects that we were involved with back at the beginning of July, now he’s done some sorting out and is happier about things going ahead – so make the most of this shift of energy and start to look towards the horizon and anything you hope to achieve related to those things I mentioned above.

Saturn was chief god before Jupiter came along - in this painting by Rubens Saturn is devouring one of his sons in an attempt to make sure he wasn't usurped

Saturn was chief god before Jupiter came along – in this painting by Rubens Saturn is devouring one of his sons in an attempt to make sure he wasn’t usurped

Don’t rush in headlong though, Jupiter’s about turn is slow but sure – he will not be hurried. Meanwhile the Sun is squaring up to Saturn – there’s an air of challenge here, as though the Sun too wants to be moving ahead with things and is finding Saturn’s attitude of patience and responsibility a bit wearing. Sun squaring Saturn can bring frustrations and irritations to the fore and so bring arguments or confrontational attitudes. The Sun is generally an egocentric, self-concerned energy and coming into a challenging aspect with Saturn who prefers to stress a less self-centred use of energy this can generate some sparks. There is some common ground between the two though – the Sun in Aquarius is also idealistic and humanitarian – it’s not so easy for him to be entirely self-concerned here. With a little effort the creative energy of the square – the energy that likes to make things happen – can be channelled into projects that suit both the Sun and Saturn. Humanitarian and charitable projects, science or even astrology would suit both of these planets, and being prepared to be patient will help them to pick up on the energy of Jupiter who is also interested in the social or community side of things.

Sandro_Botticelli_Pallas and a centaur

Another thing to remember is that as Jupiter turns forwards he also turns back towards the square with Chiron – this will be the final pass of this square which is so pivotal for illuminating and resolving the effects of both the Venus Rx and the Jupiter Rx – and the square will become exact as Venus moves into her superior conjunction with the Sun at the end of March. I wrote about the significance of Chiron here.  It’s also worth remembering that Lilith has been playing a significant part in these developments – and she is still hanging around a very sensitive part of the chart with true Lilith crossing backwards and forwards over Jupiter as he heads towards the square with Chiron. I wrote here about how Chiron and Lilith were working together. It’s maybe worth a little reminder to ourselves about how our lives have unfolded over the past few months and how they look to be taking shape for the future so that we can tune into the creativity of the Sun square to Saturn and, in the longer term, make the most of Jupiter turning direct.


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