Flying into February

February gets off to a flying start with both Mars and Venus changing signs and bringing a different mood into our lives. This change begins with Mars moving into Pisces and with that move the outward, active energy of Mars softens a little and becomes a bit more artistic and creative. It’s a great energy for enjoying (and doing) music and dance – perhaps a little frustrating for those who like to just get on with doing things as the dreamy and more mystical qualities of Pisces don’t always mesh well with the very direct energy of active Mars. If you begin to feel a bit irritated with people who just can’t seem to get to the point, or situations that aren’t clear cut and don’t suggest a definite plan of action then you could be feeling Mars in Pisces – in which case it could be best to practice taking things more slowly and tuning into some music to help you keep your temper. It’s not a good idea to ease your frustrations using drink or drugs, although Mars in Pisces often tends to head in that direction.


Less than an hour after Mars moves into Pisces Venus moves into Aquarius. All Venus related projects from art through finance to relationships experience a freeing up of the quite serious and responsible tone that they have carried over the past weeks. Now Venus wants a bit of air and freedom, enough of the working hard it’s time to grab a little independence. It may be that you or those around you start behaving in a more detached or aloof way – Venus in Aquarius isn’t that comfortable expressing her emotions, she prefers things to be calm and less personal. It’s a good time to get on with the more intellectually creative side of projects and also to channel the loving and somewhat indulgent nature of Venus into a more universal or charitable expression. Relationships that become tense at this time might benefit from having some space in them for a little while – remembering the lines from Khalil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’ Let there be spaces in your togetherness.

The few hours leading up to these changes are likely to be full of a sense of rushing to get things done, needing to finish things off, work people and projects that need dealing with at the last minute – so this is likely to be the mood of the 1st February. The energy then has a little while to settle into its new patterns before the 4th February boosts the Mars in Pisces feel of being actively creative (or frustrated if we don’t find a useful way to channel the energy) – this comes as Mars moves into a conjunction with Neptune. Monday the 4th could well feel very woolly, dreamy, difficult to get a handle on just what is going on and what should be done about it. Hang in there and try not to get too irritated as help soon comes in the form of Mercury making his own move into Pisces. Mercury makes this move on the 5th February and with it will come a little more intellectual input into Mars’s attempts to actually do something. Mercury doesn’t exactly bring the solution but he can bring a sense of perspective and understanding what’s going on. This is great and Tuesday the 5th is a really good day to really get to grips with what you think about anything in your life that has felt a bit vague, unfulfilling, just not coming together in the way you hoped it would.

Do this now because the middle and end of the week bring the breakthroughs you are looking for in terms of what to do about it as a whole series of aspects start to move things in more productive directions. The three personal planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars move through a whole series of aspects with the slower moving planets from Jupiter to Pluto thus making it possible for us to channel into our personal lives some of the longer term changes these slower planets bring.

A quick look at up-coming significant aspects

These aspects begin with Venus forming a harmonious sextile to Uranus, ruler of the sign she is in – this is a great energy for channelling into humanitarian ideals and projects. This aspect is complemented by Mercury making a conjunction with Neptune and so becoming very receptive to spiritual and poetic ideals and coming up with creative thoughts that help to move things towards these ideals.

On the 7th Venus trines Jupiter – a flowing aspect that should help the now forward movement of Jupiter manifest – the trine is in air signs so it has an intellectual quality to it, supporting Mercury dreaming up his ideals.

On the 8th Mercury moves into a conjunction with Mars – be a bit careful with this one because if Mars is still feeling frustrated Mercury’s arrival on the scene could give rise to arguments or irritable outbursts. On the other hand it can give a physical dynamic to the intellectual energy that has been around for the past few days – something that could be very effectively expressed through music, song, dance and poetry.

The 9th sees Mercury squaring up to Jupiter – these two are in mutual reception with Jupiter in Mercury ruled Gemini and Mercury in Pisces which is ruled by Jupiter in traditional astrology. This square should be creative and productive – great for inspiring people with words, for teaching or communicating in general. Just be careful not to overdo things in your enthusiasm for these new thoughts and ideas you have had recently.

On the 10th Mars makes the square to Jupiter – this really is an indicator of overdoing things – don’t! Mars will be inclined to get very physical and busy with this aspect, but he’s still in Pisces and Jupiter is still moving very slowly after his turn-around. The message here is to direct that energy into communications and spiritual work – if you have an irresistible urge to get physical then it is best to do that through some kind of spiritual and calming physical exercise such as yoga or Tai Chi.

tai chi

The square of Mars and Jupiter coincides with the new moon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year and we enter the year of the Snake. More about this later!

chinese snake

NB all dates and times are for GMT – those in the Americas might find the energy strongest the day before those I note, while those in the far east, Australia, New Zealand etc might find it strongest the day after the ones I’ve written here.


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