New Moon in Aquarius and Psyche awakes

On Sunday we have a new moon in Aquarius and a pretty potent new moon it is too!

In the run-up to the new moon we have Psyche moving across a conjunction with the North Node, she meets her path of future karma, after the adventures of the past months dealing with the retrograde cycles of Mars and Venus as we have seen in this post and also in this one. This is made even more significant as Psyche crosses the North Node at the point of the November solar eclipse – an indication that energies seeded during the time of that eclipse are about to begin to germinate, and perhaps especially in relation to the experiences and lessons Psyche has gone through over the past months.

Then we have the new moon square to the eclipse point and Psyche conjunct the North Node – squares have the power to bring things from the emotional world, or the world of ideas into the physical world – to make the energies manifest and clear for all to see.

To me the imagery brings to mind the point in Psyche’s journey where she has emerged from the underworld and peeked into the box containing some of the queen of the underworld’s beauty which she had been warned not to do. Having collapsed and died, been found by Eros and brought back to life she moves on to meet her destiny as one of the immortals. Psyche meets her path of future karma on mount Olympus where her love and dedication for Eros brings her the reward of eternal life – and as we have seen from earlier posts that eternal life is a way of talking about how a dedicated love can link body and soul together in such a way as to leave a lasting impression upon the world.

Andrea Appiani Amor awakes Psyche

The Sabian symbols for the North Node (and the November solar eclipse), Psyche and the new moon in this chart are worth a look and suggest the transformation that comes with becoming fully and consciously human and humane; understanding our connection to community, to nature and to the divine. They speak to me of our potential to walk the path of Psyche – learning how to connect to something other than ourselves, something outside of ourselves and through that, despite significant trials, grow into our fullest potential:

North Node:


KEYNOTE: The socially accepted release of an individual’s or a group’s aggressive instincts.

What this symbol clearly stresses is the socialization of man’s primitive instincts according to a cultural ritual. Social hunting is a regulated seasonal outlet for male aggressiveness — a safety valve for emotional pressures in human beings in whom animal compulsions and bio-spheric values are still strong.

In this second stage symbol we find a strong contrast with the first. In the latter, the individual proved himself truly “man” by refusing to accept the practices of war imposed upon him by his society; in this symbol for Scorpio 22° it is society that willingly accepts — and in accepting, ritualizes and to some extent refines — the aggressiveness inherent in most individuals. The Keywords are SOCIALIZATION OF INSTINCTS.



KEYNOTE: The raising of animal drives to a higher level.

The rabbit is traditionally a symbol of an overabundance of progeny, thus of a great stress on procreative and sexual processes. “Nature spirits,” on the other hand, represent the higher aspect of life energies, as they are said to guide those normally invisible forces controlling the growth of all living organisms, particularly in the vegetable kingdom. Thus the symbol refers to the transmutation of the generative power into a more ethereal and subtle form of potency.

This is the third symbol in the forty-seventh sequence. It brings a new dimension to the preceding two. Whether it is the sexual desire for a progeny, or aggressiveness, the instinctual urge can be raised to a new level. The course can become subtle through a process of TRANSUBSTANTIATION.

Mayan Ixchel

And the new moon:


KEYNOTE: The warmth of understanding which comes to those who, early in life, are open to new possibilities.

Man is never left without assistance when eagerly seeking to grow emotionally and spiritually. Even if he does not consciously realize the intent and value of what sustains his self-development and cushions the shocks which life provides his growth in understanding, still the assistance is there. He may think: No one understands me. But the understanding is there if he does not egotistically take for granted that life and society owe him everything.

This second stage symbol contrasts the kindness inherent in so many of life’s situations with the tragic feeling of disillusionment represented by the first stage symbol. Through a warm APPRECIATION of basic opportunities and even small comforts, we can safely and happily grow into personal maturity.


Here is Darkstar astrology’s new moon reading

And a nice video too, although I’m not sure who the guy is…


2 thoughts on “New Moon in Aquarius and Psyche awakes

  1. Excellent article, Coromell. I love the pic’ of Buddha and the Bunny!

    I’m really looking forward to this week, particularly as Chinese New Year’s is at this new moon. The video is great. I’m relieved to hear an astrologer speaking from my S.East USA terrains. I’ve sent a query into the utube commentary asking for the astrologer’s name.

    Evolutionary Astrology has been calling my name for a while. Jupiter direct is pulling/putting it all into place now. You won’t find me cavorting in the usual forums, but can always find me projecting my immersions on Facebook! I’m also resuscitating my WordPress writing blog, little by little.

    If you every want a chronology of how dented last years’ RX cycles could be … send word; I’ll be thrilled to chronicle the “blow-by-blow”.

    Best, Moira

    • Hi Moira, good to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the post.

      I don’t know if you’ve caught my own retrograde effect – the results of this series only now truly beginning to show and I’m due to head out to Ghana in a couple of days to work long term on a sustainable farming project (eeek, still so much to do!)

      Would love to hear more about your own Rx experience – but I might not be very quick in responding as electricity and internet connections are becoming more restricted by the day (as I get things turned off – and then once I’m there it’ll be fairly intermittent).

      Check out my new blog 🙂

      And let us know if you find the identity of the mysterious video astrologer!

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