Testing Times?

The couple of weeks between the full moon of the 25th February that has just passed and the new moon of the 11th March are coloured by a particular set of transits through Pisces all interacting with the Saturn/Pluto sextile and with the potential to transform the energy of the ongoing yod which currently has Vesta moving out of the apex, with Jupiter heading back in there. These transits form flowing aspects to the Saturn sextile Pluto thus strengthening it whilst squaring the planets which will form the apex thereby challenging them to make some changes in order to see out the energies of the yod.

Hanging around at the apex of the yod through the first part of March is asteroid Glaike - addint to the Piscean feel, Glauke is said to represent a peaceful light falling on the sea.

Turner’s ‘Evening Star’ – a nice image as Venus closes in on the Sun before re-emerging as the evening star in a couple of months. Hanging around at the apex of the yod through the first part of March is asteroid Glaike – adding to the Piscean feel, Glauke is said to represent a peaceful light falling on the sea.

All of this comes with a very heavy dose of Pisces energy – the transits I speak of concern the moves of Sun, Venus and Mercury through Pisces and at the same time we also have Mars, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces all leading up to a Piscean new moon on the 11th March. Pisces is often labelled as wishy-washy, vague and idealistic – and indeed it is a sign that is more concerned with the big picture than the minutiae of details. It doesn’t need to be ‘away with the fairies’ though – it can be inspiring, visionary and creative, and the square to Jupiter that the Sun, Venus and Mercury each form during their travels through this sign mean that they (we) will be challenged to do something a bit more than dream wonderful dreams and come up with big ideas. This square can give some kind of structure or form to the impressions and visions of Pisces, but it’s mutable, so that form is as likely to come through thoughts, words or feelings as much as, or more than, through actions and tangible things.

In fact, these transits give a chance to be more substantially in tune with something greater, the bigger picture and at the same time turn that feeling into something that has a real, felt impact upon our daily lives. In many ways this might seem like something of a contradiction in terms but if you let go of rational or rationalisable expectations and sense what your gut is telling you then you’ll get an inkling of what it can mean.

So, we have the Sun, then Venus, then Mercury (who is moving backwards at the moment) – all very personal, individualised planets – flowing with the Saturn/Pluto sextile as they each in turn form a sextile to Pluto and a trine to Saturn. This Saturn/Pluto sextile is about long term shifts and changes to the status quo, to the power structures of the social worlds we live in and the resources they take from us in order to maintain themselves. The interaction with faster moving planets such as Sun, Venus and Mercury is that those longer term, social changes can also bring about very real changes in our personal lives. Before and after they make these flowing aspect the faster moving planets are also needling Jupiter and Vesta, those guardians of ritual, the sacred, and the community focused. This means that Jupiter and Vesta energies are being urged to voice what this means for them – what do we want from our social lives? What do we need from the communities we live in? What can we give in return? And so on.

With Sun, Venus and Mercury moving through Pisces (not to mention the other planets that are there at the moment too) there is a strong sense of wanting to feel rooted in something bigger than our own, small selves; something that gives our lives meaning – although just what that is will depend on many things and could range from your work, through your art or your family, to a sense of God or cosmic oneness. Whatever form it takes, Pisces wants to find a way to move beyond itself and that is one way we will be able to use this energy in the long term – identifying that something which makes our lives feel meaningful and being able to give it more structure. Whatever it is, these aspects can help make that sense of meaning feel more present in our everyday lives.

Glauke Penisve - Edwin Longsden

Key dates to tune into this energy are:

28th February with Venus picking up of the visionary idealism of Neptune as the two conjunct one another – make sure you have a little time to day dream and just enjoy the sensual impressions of life around you.

1st March when the Sun first sextiles Pluto and then trines Saturn – a sense of responsibility and willingness to work to achieve the ends you want can come with this, but it can also be a little lazy. With a bit of effort this aspect can bring great results.

4th March with Mercury conjunct the Sun and Venus square Jupiter brings the potential for arguments or frustrations to surface as you struggle to express yourself. It’s also very creative, so if you aren’t getting any joy communicating with people maybe it would be a good idea to take a different approach – try using more examples, stories, even music if that’s appropriate.

The 7th March has a lot of energy packed into it with Venus sextile Pluto (passionate undercurrents), Venus trine Saturn (the ability to gives things visible and lasting form), Mercury conjunct Venus (the ability to put things into words, to be persuasive and charming), Mercury trine Saturn (serious and responsible communications and messages) and Mercury sextile Pluto (ability to see deep into the heart of things and their core motivations).

On the 8th March, following all this interaction with the personal planets the sextile between Saturn and Pluto is exact – make sure you say what needs to be said in the days leading up to this aspect becoming exact, to ensure that changes take into account your insights and needs.

Finally, just before the new moon, Mercury squares Jupiter, with these two in mutual reception – this puts me in mind of a test – having finished the course of aspects from the full moon to the new moon we are then tested to ensure we know what it is we want to take into the seeding energies of the new moon in order to inform our own personal lives in the future. After the new moon the energies change – the yod returns in powerful formation with Jupiter once more moving into its apex while the personal planets are getting on with other things – so these next days are crucial if we are to influence how that yod plays out in our lives, getting the balance right between the powerful expression of the apex planet and the grounding of the sextile.

Rorschach ink blot test

An image of an inkblot used for a Rorschach test – it fits with the Sabian symbol for the degree where the person planets will perfect the sextile and trine to Pluto and Saturn:


KEYNOTE: The ever-repeated challenge presented to the individual by the group in which he has claimed acceptance — the challenge to prove himself and his ability to assume responsibility effectively.


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