The End of the Line?

Monday brings the Pisces new moon and it is a key one, a very significant seeding point leading from the creative aspects to the yod base into the time leading to the Venus superior conjunction and the culmination and clarification of the previous retrograde cycle before we move onto the next. As I pointed out in my last couple of posts, especially Testing Times, the past weeks have given an opportunity to work on the energies of the ongoing yod in order to make them as creative and meaningful as possible. The new moon brings that time to a close, it’s time to sow the seeds and see what comes from what you have realised, what you have worked on. Now is when it begins to get real.

Much is made about the vague, nebulous and romantic qualities of Pisces – important qualities indeed – but it is also vital to remember that Pisces is a mutable sign, the nature of its energy is to change – and the change that Pisces feels urged to make is to move into Aries, to realise the ‘I’, the ‘me’, the importance of ourselves as individuals. Pisces understands our deep spiritual connection to one another, to the world, to the ultimate unity of existence – but the energetic urge of Pisces is ultimately to differentiate, to understand, feel and make manifest our own, unique and individual nature – and to revel in that. In fact, this is the root of much of the frustration that comes with a heavy emphasis on Pisces – whilst there is a real understanding of the bigger picture, the mystical and intuitive, the need is to make that into something tangible, not simply to float around in a daydream but to somehow turn that daydream into a living reality.

keep it real

This is the urge of this new moon, and it is a challenge indeed – the new moon sows the seeds that will grow and come to fruition as the cardinal square is activated at the next full moon, and as it continues to be activated all over the period of the next retrogrades. This new moon is the turning point – actions now will inform the lessons, the mood, the experiences not just of the coming full moon but of the next Venus Rx cycle. The Sabian symbol for the new moon is particularly appropriate:


KEYNOTE: The need to bring down to the level of everyday existence the clear realizations made manifest in a great “peak experience.”

The symbol obviously refers to Moses after he received from the God of his people the basic principles upon which a new religion, and even more a new ritual of living, should be founded. This basic “Law” has to be “brought down.” It represents a descent of formative and structuring power, a divine Revelation. This type of revealed knowledge contrasts with the kind of knowing born out of the experience of touch, of feeling, of warmth of contact. This second stage symbol pictures a process to which a religious God-given character has been attributed in the past, but which today is being investigated at the personal and psychological level. The important point here is: what do you do after you have a peak experience, an inner revelation? The Keyword MANDATE is appropriate; but the basic problem is how to fulfill it in the right spirit.


We can see in the chart for the new moon that Venus is applying to her conjunction with the Sun – indeed that conjunction is the next major aspect that these two make, moving into the energy of Aries before they do so. We can also see that Jupiter is heading back into tight yod formation with Saturn and Pluto and as he does so we will come to know whether our attempts to understand, balance and use the energies of this yod have been successful or not.

Pisces New Moon 2013

All in all this new moon signifies an ‘end of the line’ – we are moving from the mutable energy of the preceding retrograde series into the cardinal energy of the coming series. We are also coming towards the end of the ongoing yod which, before it dissipates, will intensify over the coming weeks to the full moon as we begin to really see what it means for us, however, the time for influence is over – what’s done is done, what’s realised is realised, now the seeds are sown and we shall see what comes of it. It is also the last lunation (new or full moon) before the horoscope cycle starts again at the equinox on 21st March with the Sun moving into Aries and it is significant that this last lunation is a new moon, a beginning point, rather than a full moon, a culmination point. It’s a launching off point, an invitation to a new way of being, and it’s also a warning to look before you leap – and it comes with some questions; ‘can you really carry on like this?’ ‘Where can you go from here?’ ‘Do you dare?’

end of the line


4 thoughts on “The End of the Line?

  1. As normal, a fabulously insightful post! I find the sabian very interesting , especially in light as you say of moving frm mutable energy to cardinal, bringing the high ideals down to practical application. Funnily enough the new ideals being brought down are infact going back to basics, the ancient ways of doing things, going back to ‘the old ways ‘ , the actual spiritual laws without the new age bandwagon.
    So roll on this new moon which is in trine to the nov solar eclipse, bring on mars in Aries to light the touch paper to usher in the changes. It does seem like the year hasn’t really kicked in yet, promised changes have slowed down, so am looking forward to the change.
    Bring on the eclipse season, starting in April !

    • Thanks Nikki. Yes, in many ways I’m getting the same message about ‘back to basics’ in terms of spirituality. Where I am at the moment there seems to be a quite joyful, childlike innocence in the way people express themselves spirituality. It makes me think of Aries energy at its best – joyful, enthusiastic, childlike (rather than childish)…
      Hmmm those eclipses will be the last major transits to touch my chart for some time (conjunct dsc and opposite Mercury, my chart ruler), I have seen a lot of changes of the past months, I can’t help but wonder what’s left to come!

      • Well looking at the next full moon it has Venus conjunct the Sun at 6 Aries, uranus at 8 Aries, and Mars at 11 Aries so it sounds like its action all the way. The first eclipse of the next series in april involves mars, venus (conjunct the node), and saturn. looks like we have an ‘interesting’ ride coming up!

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