Energy Shift!

Have you noticed the change in energy that has happened over the past few days? A shift from the uncertain, exploratory mood of Pisces to the more definite, confident energy of Aries? It began shortly after the new moon as Mars moved into Aries, chased by the Moon and will continue to gather pace over the coming week as the Sun also moves into Aries, followed by Venus and alongside this we have Mercury finally moving forwards again. Much of what has been slow moving, not well defined, frustrating and so on will start to become clearer. Communications should become easier, interactions on the whole should be more straight-forward and it will be easier to make progress on anything which has seemed stalled, slow moving or somehow just hard to define.

A word of warning though, all this energy moving into Aries is pretty powerful stuff, especially as the move comes with a move into the cardinal square and the tensions that carries. There will be a tendency, from yourself or from others to be over enthusiastic, over-assertive, a bit too full on in your enthusiasm to push things forward now that the way seems clear. Although understandable, the problem is that it might just rub people up the wrong way and begin to put new obstacles in your path as people start to kick against your efforts in an attempt to get things their way. Aries is a very ‘me-centred’ sign, something which can easily move from a childlike enthusiasm for life and action into a childish, or selfish, tendency to think only of yourself, your wants, your needs, your wishes. Mercury hanging on in Pisces for a while will help to keep some of the insights of Pisces in mind, adding a more ‘we-centred’ approach if you are prepared to take things a little slowly. This will mesh well with the Capricorn/Pluto energies in the cardinal square and help to off-set some of the shocks and aggression that Uranus can bring as Mars, Sun and Venus all move through his sphere of influence.

If we aren't careful the energy of Aries could end up feeling something like this - every bit as frustrating as the vagueness of Pisces!

If we aren’t careful the energy of Aries could end up feeling something like this – every bit as frustrating as the vagueness of Pisces!

Key dates to watch – on March 17th Mercury turns around and begins to move forwards again. By now we should have got some idea about our own contribution to a greater vision and be ready to put that into effect. Read more here.

On March 20th the Sun moves into Aries followed by Venus on March 22nd. This energy of the Sun, related to ego, sense of self, creativity and confidence picks up a fiery, Mars-like tone. At the same time Venus, planet of relationships and values also shifts her focus onto ‘me’ rather than ‘we’ – it’s a good time to evaluate relationships and make sure your needs are being met – but it’s also important to remember that there is always more than one person in a relationship and all this focus on ‘me’ and ‘I’ could put a lot of ‘we’ and ‘us’ situations under considerable strain. As ever, the challenge is to get the balance right.

Also on March 22nd Mars conjuncts Uranus at 8˚08 Aries – in the time leading up to this conjunction it is best to remain aware  of your reactions to things and people and practice deep breathing and patience while still keeping your goal in mind. This conjunction (and those to come with Venus, Sun and Moon) appears alongside constellation Pegasus – the symbolism is wonderful – Pegasus is said to have been born of the blood of Medusa after Perseus cut off her head. Pegasus is the offspring of wisdom and emotion and has the ability to rise above, or fly over, difficult or constraining situations. In the mythology Pegasus is untamed but hero (with a shady past) Bellerophon attempts to tame him and rise him to Olympus where he hopes to attain immortality. In the journey however, Bellerophon fell from Pegasus and descended back to earth humbled – it was Pegasus who eventually reached Olympus. The message is one of rising above situations, not being too proud or self-confident, but allowing a combination of wisdom and emotion to guide you.

Pegasus from Mabie, Hamilton Wright (Ed.): “Myths Every Child Should Know” (1914)

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