Finding balance in choppy waters

Having got through the full moon and the superior conjunction – and hopefully it was enjoyable and full of illuminating, interesting or inspiring encounters with others – we now move through choppy waters for a while as Venus and the Sun both move through the Aries (in other words ‘me’) point of the cardinal square and intensify that part of the double interlocking yod. This indicates a time of wanting to assert our individuality, our uniqueness, our freedom, but find it under pressure from many other places. It’s a time of readjustment after recent moves where we are challenged to find balance – so anything that helps you to stay centred without being self-involved will be useful. It could be anything from meditating to playing music or gardening to rock climbing or sailing.


Meanwhile Mercury is doing his own thing as he moves through the later degrees of his shadow having completed aspects to Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron which has encouraged a review of emotional responses and interactions. With this happening in dreamy Pisces much of this review is likely to have been dream-like, maybe even coming through dreams, it’s more poetic, intuitive and/or musical. This review will continue through the following periods of Mercury retrograde, manifesting in different ways, but for now there is a need to understand and integrate which will continue for the next few days until Mercury leaves his shadow on the 6th April.

This coming week will see an attempt to bring together and make sense of all the feelings and encounters and realisations of the past few days. Mercury finally leaves his shadow at 19+ degrees Pisces, in an exact semi-sextile (1/12th of a circle) to both Venus and Mars who have joined one another at 19+ Aries. So Pisces and Aries are linked – the beginning and end of the cycle – with personal planets creating a push and pull between ‘I’ and ‘you’ and ‘we’ and the world in general. It could feel difficult to manage, pulling out of balance and creating a see-saw effect in relationships and within ourselves. On the other hand, if we can manage to maintain a sense of being centred then we could find a new and productive balance between all of these.


Just as a reminder, the Sabian symbol for Mercury leaving his shadow is:


KEYNOTE: An indication that in the end and at the appointed time the individual’s needs will be met among those to whom he is linked by a spiritual (or biological) web of energies.

The significant element in this scene is not only the meal, but the fact that it is an “evening” meal. To use traditional symbolism, after a long chain of personal existences the Soul returns to its spiritual home at the close of the day-of-manifestation. There it finds that which renews and amply sustains; the happiness of the “beyond of existence” is experienced — if all has gone well.

This last symbol of the seventieth five-fold sequence promises a satisfying or fulfilling end to whatever one has been undertaking. As the life closes, the Soul-consciousness finds NOURISHMENT in the harvest of whatever, during the whole life, has been relevant to the archetypal purpose and destiny of the Soul — one of the myriad of aspects of the divine creative word which began the cycle.

Thanksgiving 1612 - Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

Meanwhile, the Sabian symbol for the Venus/Mars conjunction, which perfects the day after Mercury leaves his shadow, reminds us that a key to finding balance is compassion:


KEYNOTE: Overcoming crises through compassion.

Nature’s seasonal rhythms imply an oscillation between living and dying. Through creative imagination man can “fly over” the cycle, and discover means not only to escape from the fatality of seasonal decay or deprivation, but to assist other living entities to survive through crises. Migrating birds fly south (cf. symbol of Aries 12°), but by establishing a partnership with other creatures unable to escape wintry deprivation or death, man can maintain the life of the spirit (symbolized by birds) steady through all crises if, like a “young girl,” he is widely open to the promptings of love and sympathy.

At this fifth stage of the symbolic sequence we witness human activity motivated by sympathy overcoming the seasonal phase of impotency. Life potency in nature spirits reaches a higher level in the human being. The theme is THE TRANSMUTATION OF LIFE INTO LOVE.

swans in winter

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