A little light relief

While slow-moving, heavy hitting planets Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are busy changing the very basic structures of our lives – and even the societies we live in – the upcoming movements of the more personal planets should make things a little easier to handle for a short while, and even bring some light relief.

First of all, in the early hours of Sunday morning (GMT) Mercury moves into Aries, which will help to make communications more straight forward. People become more inclined to say what they mean rather than beat around the bush and expect you to practice your mind-reading skills. Journeys too should become quicker and easier, unless you like taking whimsical detours, in which case you’ll have to get used to the pace speeding up for a little while. In fact any area of life ruled by Mercury (letters, phone calls, emails, short trips, messages and so on) should free up and pick up speed.

Once she enters Taurus Venus will feel as happy as a cow in clover.

Once she enters Taurus Venus will feel as happy as a cow in clover.

Not long after Mercury enters Aries Venus moves into her own sign of Taurus and along with that she starts to enjoy smelling the scent of flowers, of fresh mown grass and just revelling in the full blossoming of spring. Even if you aren’t one of those waiting for spring to properly arrive in the northern hemisphere this movement of Venus into her own sign means that you can get on with enjoying the good things in life for a while – food, drink, beautiful objects. In general it’s a good time to look at crafts and even think about buying something just for the pleasure of looking at it or touching it. Don’t overdo it though – Venus enjoying herself has been known to over indulge and regret it later, so make sure you keep an eye on the spending or eating and drinking while she’s revelling in the finer things of life.


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