Room to grow – lunar eclipse April 2013

The coming full moon on Thursday 25th is the first of this year’s eclipses – there will be five altogether this year, 3 between now and the end of May and two in October-November.

With it falling on a full moon this coming eclipse will be a lunar eclipse – traditional wisdom says that lunar eclipses mark the passing or leaving of something. Often that something is part of our lives that has some kind of emotional significance – it is the Moon (emotions, needs, habits and so on) that is being eclipsed. Now, there is a lot of fear amongst some people that this is going to be difficult and painful – not so! Often lunar eclipses can allow us to drop things which have become blockages to us moving on in our lives and achieving things we want to achieve. What this something will be will depend on where it falls in your chart – you can find out more about that here. For example, last June the lunar eclipse fell directly opposite my Sun – that means letting go of things that I had come to identify with emotionally, things that I just assumed were an integral part of my life. My Sun is in my 7th house which rules close and involved relationships with others, usually these are relationships which have some kind of legal or social formality about them (marriages, business partnerships) and can include any kinds of legal, contractual arrangements. The months following the eclipse (and eclipses can take months if not years to play out) saw various parts of my life which involved contracts fall away allowing me the freedom to move to an entirely different part of the world and do something I had long wanted to. Ok, so it wasn’t always easy, there was an element of ‘oh my goodness, what if this all goes wrong’ and feeling that somehow I wasn’t supposed to give up almost an entire way of life and do something completely different. Deep down though it was what I really wanted and the lunar eclipse opened up the freedom to do that.

lunar eclipse 25413

The chart for the coming eclipse can hint about how turbulent or calm the coming changes are likely to be. We can see the Sun and Moon are conjunct Mars and Saturn respectively, so the impact of the eclipse is likely to take on something of the tone of the applying Mars opposite Saturn. This is a kind of tussle of wills with the energy of Mars wanting to get on and get things done being opposed by Saturn who prefers to take things more slowly and make sure they are being done properly. It is likely that as we start to see the changes happening around us, as we start to understand what is going and what that frees up for us, then we will want to move things on quickly and will feel frustrated that the changes aren’t happening as fast as you would like. The temptation will be to try to hurry things along but the best approach is not to push, rather keep some sense of distance and encourage things to move along rather than force them – even if that takes quite some self control and deep breathing exercises!

The chart also shows that the Moon is moving out of a trine to Neptune and the Sun is moving out of a sextile to Neptune – so the eclipse picks up Neptunian vibrations of idealism, poetry, mysticism. It is also picking up on our dreams and fantasies, even those we have not clearly expressed to ourselves, so the nature of the changes it ushers in will open up room for those dreams to grow. Of course it also opens up room for us to be able to see whether those dreams were in fact just fantasies or whether they have the potential to grow into something substantial. The presence of Saturn in this eclipse is reassuring from that point of view – he only likes to deal with those things which have the potential to become real, so the coming changes open up room for the real deal to come along! Add to this the Sun about to sextile minor planet Ceres and the Moon about to trine her and the theme of encouraging growth is emphasised – Ceres will help to nurture what is productive in this eclipse.

Seated Ceres from Emerita Augusta, present-day Mérida, Spain

The Sabian symbol also offers some insight as to the nature of the coming changes – the symbol for the Sun’s position highlights the danger of trying to do things too quickly, and also the necessity for getting rid of structures in our lives that are not built well and carefully. It also helps us to see that in moving forward we are likely to need the help and assistance of others, it is important not to isolate ourselves as it is only with the support of friends, colleagues, partners and so on that we will be able to make the most of the opportunities the eclipse will open the way for:


KEYNOTE: The conquest of separativeness through group-cooperation.

The person who has suffered deprivation and loneliness can give new substance to his or her emotional life by participating in a collective project. All great evolutionary challenges imply the overcoming of basic difficulties. A step ahead must be taken, yet an abyss confronts evolving man. It is no longer a personal Void – an “open grave” – but a chasm that is an integral part of the “land” upon which man’s evolution must proceed. A link must be built through the power of the collective mind of the group or of the community at large, on the basis of the legacy of the past, to make a bridge over the canyon.

This is the first stage of the eighth five-fold process of “Substantiation.” The man-made bridge built with collective skill gives substance to and demonstrates man’s capacity to CONQUER OBSTACLES and to achieve evolutionary continuity as well as expansion in space.

cantilever bridge

Meanwhile the symbol for the Moon’s position indicates that those things which are leaving us are built on false or negative values such as greed or fear. Things, relationships, occupations and so on that we have amassed not because we care about them in themselves but because they somehow make us feel more secure, or because we thing they are what we are supposed to have:


KEYNOTE: The passionate search for new values which, at any level, promise a more abundant life.

The greatness of man is that he can always be greater; likewise, at a national level, man’s “greed” can more easily be aroused by whatever promises more wealth, more power, and ever-greater achievements at all levels, spiritual as well as material. Beyond this arousal of greed is the deep-seated desire to play a more important or spectacular role in one’s society or community. Greed is the perverse intensification of the social sense, just as lust is the perverse intensification of the longing for love. Always at this Scorpio level the yearning is for an ever more intense and all-absorbing union with a person or a community — a yearning which motivates a search for more effectual means to achieve as total a feeling experience as is possible.

This is the first stage of the forty-fourth sequence of symbolic phases in the cycle of existence. It dramatizes the capacity in man to tear himself away from the known and the familiar, gambling everything on a vision or dream. A Keyword could be AVIDITY.

Gold rush

Finally, this eclipse celebrates the fact that Jupiter has only a couple of hours beforehand moved out of his shadow – all the backtracking, re-thinking and re-doing that we have had to do since last July when he entered his shadow is now done and the eclipse opens the way for the fruits of that labour to show themselves.

The next eclipse, on the 10th May is a solar eclipse and will show us what kinds of things are coming to fill the space that this lunar eclipse has cleared – more on that later, but as a taster here is the Sabian symbol for that eclipse:


KEYNOTE: The awareness of spiritual forces at work.

Any emergence of life potentialities from the depth of the vast Unconscious is answered by the spiritual activity of superconscious forces in a cosmic kind of antiphony. The individual who has taken a new step in their evolution should look for the “Signature” of divine Powers confirming their progress. It may reveal the meaning of what is to come next. The “wing-like clouds” may also symbolize the presence of celestial beings (devas, angels) blessing and subtly revealing the direction to take, the direction of “the wind” of destiny.

This is the fifth stage of the tenth five-fold sequence. It concludes a process, having experienced which the individual should find themselves more securely established in their own original nature, receiving the BLESSINGS of super-natural forces.

wispy clouds

The theme tune for this eclipse:

As an aside, the Sun is conjunct asteroid Asia for this week’s lunar eclipse, so I imagine that it will open the way for fruitful developments on that continent.

For more about the coming eclipses, their overall significance meaning and trends see my post – eclipse patterns and trends

Here is Darkstar Astrology’s write up.

An initial posting from Aquarius Papers (more to come from here).


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