Billiard Balls!

So the first eclipse of the year has come and gone – I’d been pretty excited about this one, my first under African skies and I was quite close to where the eclipse would be greatest. Unfortunately I don’t have a decent camera, but I did manage to catch an image on my phone:

eclipse 003

Can you see the eclipse? It’s barely there, hardly noticeable at all which was a bit disappointing – but it got me thinking about images and impacts and how sometimes when a billiard balls gets just the smallest hint of contact from another then it can send it spinning off in a new direction. The way the earth’s shadow just glanced off the side of the moon feels like it has the same kind of potential and that a build up of events that follow this eclipse are what will show its true nature rather than any single, dramatic event itself.

billiard balls

Looking at the movements of the planets the first way this is really going to be felt is through the energy of Saturn who stands in the path of both the Sun and Mars over the next few days, opposing them and demanding more thought, persistence, care, determination rather that brute force or over confidence. Saturn will limit the enthusiasm and excitements of both Mars and the Sun and will also indicate the way to achieve lasting changes if we knuckle down and put in the hard work.

It’s a good time to listen to those older, steadier or wiser than ourselves – or if we are the older, steadier, wiser ones it’s a good time to be patient but firm with those who are maybe getting ahead of themselves – ideally we will be able to find ways to work hard and with great energy at those things which fill us with enthusiasm, aiming for a long term goal. This energy builds over the next few days and then gradually diminishes after the first of May. As the Sun and Mars move away from Saturn’s attention Mercury moves into Taurus making communications a little slower, more careful or ponderous. Mercury in Taurus likes to take his time over saying what he thinks, but once he’s made his mind up it’s difficult to budge him – he can be very set in his ways!

Look before you leap

Look before you leap

So it could well be that coming out of the restricting, limiting energies of Saturn opposing Sun and Mars we find people adopting entrenched positions which become more confrontational as the week goes on. On the other hand, if we manage to channel the energy effectively, take our time, think, be careful but also adaptable then long term solutions to tricky issues can be found. Most of these tricky issues will be in relationships of one kind or another and the worst of this energy will come if we take on the energy of one or the other – either being careful and limiting ourselves or jumping in with great enthusiasm without looking. It’s a time to do both and that is the way the solutions will be found.


2 thoughts on “Billiard Balls!

  1. Today’s Saggitarian moon coming out of this eclipse is already notable. A friends’ chicken coop exploded overnight in WA state. Sort of took care of itself, there ! A friend in Scotland hopped on a train with his daughter for a day-trip very early this morning. You’re settling into your new digs, and I’m hauling butt around here before the rain sets in for the rest of the weekend. There definitely was a super-focusing tension on matters ~ the billiard analogy is great ~ analysis, focus, planned targeting during this full moon. This weekend, the bow pulled back, releases arrows to their considered targets in Saggitarian fashion.

    • Yes, I like that, arrows off to targets wherever they may be – nice one 🙂

      I wonder what gets struck in time for the solar eclipse…

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