On a Mission!

Mercury is moving really fast at the moment, in a hurry to meet up with Venus and Jupiter at the end of the month. Between then and now he has a lot of ground to cover and over the next few days, in the run-in to the solar eclipse, he has a lot of work to do too. Right now he is just moving out of a sextile to dreamy and poetic Neptune – that’s a great aspect for putting odd feelings into words, for getting hints of inspiration from dreams and unusual messages that suggest a way forward.

On a mission

On a mission

As Mercury moves out of the sextile with Neptune he moves into an opposition with Mars so we immediately see what it will take to make something real out of those dreams or inspirations, or to make those words public. Saturn puts obstacles in the way, he wants to know if we’re really serious about this. He also promises lasting results if we’re prepared to put in the hard work. With the contact between Mercury and Saturn being an opposition it is likely that we will find this kind of restricting and demanding energy coming from others, or if we are in some kind of teaching capacity then we might have to calm down the excited dreams of our students and show them how to make them real rather than remain as pipe dreams. Unmanaged this energy could easily become argumentative and resentful – fortunately Saturn is moving back into a trine with Neptune so he shares in those dreams, this should help to make communications over the weekend constructive rather than obstructive.

poetic dreams

Poetic dreams

Meanwhile Mars is making a trine to Pluto intensifying the urge to do something, although just what that something is, is not clear. With Pluto and Mars involved, and the energy running easily between them through the trine (1/3 of a circle), whatever it is it’s likely to be quite demanding – it could be anything from involvement in a sporting event (Mars likes sports) to building or farming (Mars and Pluto are both in earthy signs) or getting involved in a political campaign (Pluto enjoys politics). Whatever it is it looks as though things are going to move pretty quickly over the next few days as Mercury comes along to also make a trine to Pluto. Communications run back and forth about this activity or project. Be careful things don’t get over-heated or over-excited as Mercury moves on to join up with Mars on Wednesday. By the time Mercury starts to pull away from mars at the end of the week he gets a clear vision of where he’s headed – he looks to Venus just entering Mercury’s own sign of Gemini and so these two are in mutual reception while Mercury remains in Venus’s sign of Taurus. So, the path is set, the project decided upon – now the thing to do is to get through the solar eclipse – read more here!


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