Mars conjunct South Node – oh no, not again!

The next couple of days we have Mars crossing over the South Node of the Moon – our hero Mars, having just set out on his latest quest (I wrote about that here) is offered a new chance to triumph over monsters he has come across before. Mars and the South Node is an interesting pairing of energies, the energy of Mars is met with things (people, behaviours, events) from the past, and the memories they stir may not be all that pleasant. In fact they can trigger all kinds of reaction from sheer anger and frustration at the fact that we seem to be going round in circles, the same old same old to a determination to make things go differently this time – and that is make things go differently, after all Mars does like to force himself on situations. Plus it’s in Taurus, talk about being bullish – that’s the feeling we have at the moment and it takes a lot of self awareness and control to be able to make the most of it.

The danger is we fall into old and habitual ways of doing things, somehow just reacting to those things that are annoying us or needling us into taking action of some kind. What is needed is a new response, a different choice, a new pattern established. Of course Mars won’t be happy if that new response is too meek and mild, not assertive enough. What is wanted is a definite, energetic, confident and different response (not just a reaction). If we can get that right then we have a chance to set things up to make Mars’s forward journey a productive one.

hercules and harpies

Here’s a great article by Astrobarry written at the time of the last Mars conjunct the South Node back in July 2011, mush of it is relevant right now with the addition of focusing on the Taurean flavour of the conjunction – challenging routine and stubbornness.


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