Moving and shaking with the cardinal square and eclipses

Today the Sun moves into Gemini joining Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in this sign of information and communication. The Sun’s move coincides with the third exact pass of the cardinal square between Uranus and Pluto so we can expect the news around tense events and challenging situations to speed up, both in the world and in our personal lives. An emphasis on rapid and potentially challenging or surprising news, talk or short, sudden trips is heightened by Mercury moving into a sextile with Uranus. With all this activity people might be short tempered or tense or feeling under some pressure in one way or another and as the Sun moves into Gemini we might find it easier to give vent to stressful feelings – this can go one of two ways and can be either explosive, uncontrolled and potentially damaging or directed, insightful and potentially able to cut through difficulties and problems in a creative way. The trick to tuning into the second way this energy can express itself is to count to ten before letting off steam and try not to simply react to anything.


Creative explosions?

Creative explosions?

Picking up on these vibes, Mercury is in his element at the moment since he is in his own sign and is moving very fast, eager to catch up with Venus and Jupiter. He will meet up with Venus on the 24th, just before the coming lunar eclipse and at the same degree that they met during the Venus retrograde period of last summer. This is also the degree of the solar eclipse in December 2011 – usually the transits of fast moving planets such as Venus and Mercury don’t trigger much in the way of eclipse effects, but as this is a conjunction, and a repeat of the conjunction last June 1st we can expect to see some revisiting of issues that were stirred by the December 2011 eclipse. However, between this conjunction of Mercury and Venus and the last one at this degree on June 1st last year there has been another meeting of these two – back in March of this year when Mercury was retrograde in Pisces. This means that we come to the coming conjunction with a new perspective, it’s not so much a revisiting of issues stirred up by the eclipse as a re-viewing – there has been much water under the bridge and events back in December 2011 that were churned up and chewed over during the Venus retrograde phase of last year are now seen from a very different perspective – just in time for a new lunar eclipse (more about that and its links to the other recent eclipses here).

Water Under the Bridge

Water Under the Bridge


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