The hard work begins!

At the moment we have a very significant event in the skies – the conjunction of first Mercury and then Venus with Jupiter. If you are lucky these three are still just about far enough away from the Sun for you to be able to see them low in the evening sky not long after sunset forming a tight triangular shape. This triple conjunction of planets is pretty rare, and astrologically it’s even more significant as it takes place on the same degree as Venus turned retrograde in May last year. It also harks back to the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in mid March last year and the ‘almost connection’ of Venus and Jupiter last July which never quite came as close as it promised because Venus turned and headed forwards again. This event, then, marks some kind of completion or fulfilment of a promise made last year which looked as though it was going to be fulfilled almost one whole year ago but has instead taken until now to show its full promise.

On the face of things, then, this event should show some kind of culmination of situations, events or ideas set in motion a year ago but there are a couple more things to consider from an astrological point of view which shed a little more light on the current conjunction and its true potential. First we should bear in mind that this same degree is the degree on which the current Mars cycle will end two years from now. With Mars being the planet of energy and action that suggests that the real work is yet to come, it’s as if the Venus station on this degree a year ago set things in motion, the current conjunction shows us what we are dealing with and the completion of the Mars cycle is when we will be able to harvest.

This is a long-term ongoing influence by the end of which we have been through all the passes of the ongoing cardinal square and it is very likely that the world we wake up to then will be very different from the world we wake up to now but just how significant those changes are, and how beneficial they are for us or for the wider world depend on how effectively we use the energy of Mars. What we get out will be commensurate with what we put in.

In terms of the planets involved we find Mercury, planet of messages, communication and ideas strong in his own sign of Gemini. It’s a good time for clarity of thought and expression. Venus, planet of values both interpersonal and in terms of art, nature and other worldly things combined with Mercury can bring clarity about just what our values are, what is important to us and also an ability to articulate those values in a way that is easily received and appreciated by others. Jupiter expands this beyond ourselves and our immediate circle of friends and family and encourages us to join our values with like minded others – those with who we share a sense of shared beliefs and ideals such that we feel a sense of community or society.


Wendy Guy has a great article on the last couple of eclipses and all aspect up to the next new moon.


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