Everything changes!

Since I last wrote we have had a number of shifts in energy – can you feel it? For a start Mercury moved into Cancer, slowing down a little the flow of information and allowing us to sort through what we have learned recently and decide what’s important and what we can ignore.  Then we had Mars moving into Gemini which can make us a lot more active about what we want to say and to who – Mars can be quite forceful in the way he expresses himself and in Gemini that can lead to some loud or angry sounding messages, but in general these will be more hot air than anything else. Meanwhile Venus is just about to move into Cancer, following closely behind Mercury and soothing things at home making it a more comfortable and nurturing place to be – even if home is already lovely Venus here will lovely it up even more.

Venus in Cancer - time to get baking!

Venus in Cancer – time to get baking!

Meanwhile we are moving into an important couple of months as Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Mars all in turn form a grand water trine with Saturn and Neptune and also trigger the ongoing cardinal square between Uranus and Pluto – things are set to change, not just a little bit, not just a slight shift. We are about to be faced with unusual opportunities to achieve our dreams – our real dreams, that is, our deepest desires, not what we think we want, but what we truly need – more about that in this post.


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