New moon weaving together a new path

Saturday brings the Gemini New Moon for 2013 and as with all new moons it represents a specific phase of the cyclical movement of life. New moons are the dark, hidden phase, the seed – and in the seed is the sum of what has been and all the potential for the future. This particular new moon is significant as it falls upon the 18th degree of Gemini, the same degree as the recent Mercury/Venus conjunction, which was the same degree as a previous Mercury/Venus conjunction in June 2012 and is also the same degree as a total lunar eclipse back in December 2011. If you can (or if you have a journal) try thinking back to December 2011 and what was going on then – how does it link to meetings, messages or ideas at the beginning of June last year which were revisited somehow at the end of May this year? These are the factors that have gone into making the seed of this new moon what it is. Now this new moon takes all of that and prepares to grow it into something new, a new dream, new aim, new path to follow.

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The chart of this seed time is fascinating with Mercury and Venus now both completing the grand water trine and the cardinal t-square (more here) showing us both a vision of what we want and what we need to do or change in order to achieve it. At the same time Psyche and Eros (their story continues) are gazing across the heavens at one another and sitting on the nodal axis. Eros, representing physical manifestation is on the South Node of past karma indicating things coming into being that have their roots in the past. Meanwhile Psyche, sign of the soul’s deepest desire and the yearning to know and connect with something that is not us is on the North Node, path of future karma. Psyche is moving backwards suggesting that the future lies somehow in the past while Eros is moving forwards suggesting that what comes into being now is from the past but leads to the future. Together Psyche and Eros are tying past and future, material and emotional into a single story – as with the new moon and the image of the seed.

Gemini new moon 2013

The new moon itself is in an exact trine to Juno, the minor planet that represents relationships, commitment, loyalty and union. Juno will just nudge onto the 19th degree of Aquarius before turning retrograde herself, reinforcing the theme of linking past and future and the theme of relationships seen in the opposition of Psyche and Eros. It could be that this new moon sows the seeds for a new approach to relationships in your life, or even a new relationship, but the real meaning seems to lie in the union of the seen and the unseen (how the plant is hidden in the seed, the seed hidden in the soil), the past and the future (how the seed distils the past in order to create the future) and the material world and consciousness shown in the story of Psyche and Eros. This is not a simple tale of the coming together of opposites, it is about understanding the intense creativity that comes when difference complement one another.


Finally we have Mars, minor planet Pallas (plans, strategies, fighting spirit) and asteroid Lilith (the edges of society, the fringes where things become real and accepted or pass out of reality and acceptability) in an exact square to Neptune and kicking Neptune backwards as if to say ‘try again and this time get real, no unrealistic fantasising and daydreaming’. In one way or another this new moon ties together the past and the future and allows something real, true and tangible to be created from it. Be careful not just what you wish for at this new moon, be careful what you do, learn from what has transpired since that eclipse back in December 2011 because if you ever thought ‘oh if I had my time again I’d do this or that’ now is your chance – it’s a new thing, a new seed, but a similar opportunity that comes from this, make the most of it!


9 thoughts on “New moon weaving together a new path

  1. Lovely post, it does feel like the promise of 2011 wasn’t really fulfilled so hopefully Jupiter in Gemini is the helping the new moons role as fairy godmother:)

    • Thanks Nikki, yes, Jupiter in Gemini and being closed in on by the Sun (they’ll be conjunct at the end of Gemini just before the full moon) could well help.

  2. At first glance I thought that was my chart! Same rising degree, grand trine and all. Lol. Obviously, it’s different but at first glance… Wild. Lol.
    Feb 19, 1986 Los Angeles, California. 11:42PM

  3. > Psyche is moving backwards suggesting that the future lies somehow in the past while Eros is moving forwards suggesting that what comes into being now is from the past but leads to the future.
    you definetely hit the mark with me and what I’ve been living for a while with that remark.
    Eric Neumann’s book on Psyche is a favourite of mine btw,

    • Hi Melissa, I’m so glad it struck a chord. The relationship of Eros and Psyche in astrology is fascinating to me, it seems to say so much, always adding depth to whatever else is going on. I can’t help but think their presence on the nodal axis at the moment is very significant.
      Yes, Neumann’s work is a classic – definitely worth a read!

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  6. Sal ~ have to say that early 2011 started off with a zoom, studying yurts and concepts of grand re-movals to a rural paradise (Uranus moved into Aries ~ my Moon that spring) … which sputtered like fishnets caught in the propellors almost as soon as the dreams released (Uranus RX’d back to Pisces). Life’s been a herky-jerky hike up the North side of the mountain range in a sleet storm since then. It wouldn’t have hurt so bad, if the fantasies hadn’t been so palpable.

    One significant point of this current chart is the Pluto to Venus-Mercury opposition. Relationships that went on ice during the past year have been thawing ~ so much Gemini ! But negotiating these is a caretaker’s mission. Does one dominate ? Does one submit ? Neither of these are acceptable solutions to the Plutonian mandate, which is only satisfied by honest dialogue. I do not refer here to only romantic relationships (Venus often gets one’s mind detoured) but to friendships, business partnerships and familial alliances that may have jumped ship in the past year and a half. The power of these relationships is coming back into play. Hopefully, the gestation period of these past eclipses has taught us where our ground is, and how to most diplomatically describe it.

    ~ M.

    • Hi Moira, that all sounds like positive developments, definitely some kind of re-weaving of the past to prepare for the future.

      Keep an eye on the far goal over the coming retrogrades, they will surely make whatever is woven very strong!

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