Mercury enters shadow – and the cardinal retrogrades begin!

Today Mercury moved into his shadow, precursor to his forthcoming retrograde phase in Cancer. Mercury is now officially kicking off the cardinal retrograde season which will take us through to July next year and during which time we have plenty of chances to get up close and personal to the way we have dealt with various situations in our life and how pleased or otherwise we are with that.

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Mercury retrograde in water signs is an opportunity to really get to understand our emotional responses and needs – I wrote more about this and Mercury’s link to the retrograde series we are experiencing here. The coming weeks are likely to see all manner of issues raise themselves, taking us back over our past actions and showing us what the consequences of those actions were. This is cardinal energy though so the task is less an opportunity to change things (that came with mutable Pisces) and more an opportunity to really understand what kind of impact our emotional responses have in our lives. Don’t be surprised if people from the past start reappearing in your life, or if situations that you thought you had left behind come creeping up behind you.

Pay particular attention to your emotions, especially between now and the 26th June when Mercury turns back on himself – keep a journal if you can – because during the retrograde phase you will have a great opportunity to see behind the surface of these things and understand how well  they are working for you. With understanding comes greater power, and although cardinal energy isn’t really about making changes the retrogrades and full/new moons that trigger the cardinal square between Uranus and Pluto will bring opportunities for revolutionary change. Now is your chance to be leading the way for those changes, making sure that they will work in your best interests rather than be imposed upon you. Pay particular attention this Friday as Mercury crosses over what will be the degree of the inferior conjunction, the changes you need to see in your emotional life will hinge upon what transpires on this day.

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During this time you may come across frustrations and difficulties to do with all things Mercurial – messages, short trips, learning. There are likely to be more than the usual number of crossed wires or missed connections and with this retrograde being in Cancer these are more than usually likely to involve family and home matters in one way or another. It’s always a good idea to be prepared to check the fine print during Mercury retrograde phases and to expect a certain amount of double checking and back-tracking. Brand new ventures are best avoided if possible, but it’s a great time to seal the deal on something already started – provided you double check the small print! All in all remember that any difficulties, an changes of plan or any ghosts from the past that come your way during this retrograde are really opportunities for you to understand how your own emotional responses either help or hinder you.

For those who enjoy the Sabian Symbols I have listed the symbols for all the coming cardinal retrogrades here. On this site you can find the full text.

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And the low down on the far out includes info on the new moon just past and the Mercury retrograde, as well as other upcoming transits.


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