Surprise surprise?

We have an interesting few days coming up, kicked off by tomorrow’s sextile between Mars in Gemini and Uranus in Aries. A sextile is one sixth of a circle and is considered a harmonious aspect where the energies flow between the planets involved – it’s a little more edgy than the trine though and so can indicate opportunities that will come but only if you make the effort. Tomorrow’s aspect involves action planet Mars in communication sign Gemini so we can expect something interesting as a result of a message or short trip, most likely one we initiate ourselves – it’s not a time be sitting on our heels waiting. With Uranus being involved what come can take you by surprise – and may well involve electronics in some way or another – emails, internet or surprisingly magnetic individuals in meetings spring to mind. Whatever it is there’s an opportunity there but you might not know it unless you look for it.


Then on Wednesday the Sun makes a conjunction with Jupiter, meaning the two are in the same place in the sky. Again involving Gemini this relates to communications, meetings or short trips but involves the Sun and Jupiter – both planets of generosity, confidence and enjoyment – Wednesday is a great day to do something that requires a lot of self-confidence, powerful communication skills or doing something for a good cause. It’s perhaps not such a good day if you are trying to save money as you might believe you have more than you actually do and so be tempted to give away (or spend) more than you should. It’s a good time for any activities involving travel (except watch how much you spend on those tickets) or anything that broadens your horizons, from attending a philosophy class to watching wildlife programmes on TV – any such activities are likely to fill you full of the joy of life today.

This week you never know what might happen - especially in libraries and similar places!

This week you never know what might happen – especially in libraries and similar places!

Then on Friday we get Mercury conjunct Venus in Cancer shortly followed by the Sun moving into Cancer and indicating a move away from the Gemini influences at the beginning of the week and into a month of more home-focussed activities. This is a time to slow down on the rushing around, the trips and meetings and messages and spend a little more time with family or home recharging batteries – especially as Mercury is slowing down ready to head backwards. So seize your chances early in the week and let the end of the week be a little slower with plans to catch up with family or household chores at the weekend.


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