Super Moon Sunday – let’s try and catch the wind

Sunday brings this year’s Capricorn full moon and because it falls when the Moon is at its closest to the earth this one is called a ‘super moon’ and if you’re lucky you should see a full moon that’s a little bit bigger and brighter than usual. Apart from that this full moon is notable in other ways and looks to be a very significant full moon, not least because it’s highlighting the cardinal energy that is coming to dominate the skies with the ongoing cardinal square and the cardinal series of retrogrades.

What’s more this full moon has a very interesting chart!

Capricorn full moon 2013

The full moon forms the central axis of a very clear kite shape – and kites fly don’t they? Or do they? How many times have you tried to fly a kite and it’s only come crashing to the ground? It’s often the way, if it doesn’t catch the wind right that central axis is just a stick trying to defy gravity. And that’s just what this full moon is too.

For a start we have the Moon in a wide conjunction to Pluto, deepening emotions and getting more than a little bit intense. This is not at all easy for a Capricorn Moon which would really rather sweep its emotions under a rock and do something else, but no getting off the hook for this Moon, these emotional drives have to be faced, they have to be felt and if this kite is ever going to fly they have to be brought into balance with whatever else is going on.

Not only that but we have the Sun in Cancer conjunct Jupiter in Gemini so the energy of the Sun – self-confidence, optimism, assuredness are being expanded by jovial Jupiter and really all we want to do is have a good time hanging out at home or in our close neighbourhood and not really have to deal with anything too intense. Except that the Sun is also conjunct both True and Mean Lilith and they are not going to let this be just a nice and easy time – in fact Lilith is sitting right between Jupiter and the Sun and demanding they account for themselves. No room for complacency in this full moon there are questions being asked about whether you have lived up to your own expectations of yourself, whether you have been as generous as you could have been, as wise as you might have wanted to be. How are things at home? With your family? Are relationships there in balance? You can bet anything you like that if anything is off kilter in those relationships that are supposed to nurture and sustain you – or in which you are supposed to nurture and sustain others – then this weekend is likely to bring things to a head, either through argument and tantrum or turning inwards and being very weepy.


What’s more (oh yes, there’s more) the Sun in this full moon is almost exactly conjunct Uranian point Hades. I like to think of the Uranian points or hypothetical planets as focuses of energy – they aren’t objects like actual planets but they are like currents in the solar system, eddies, whirlpools and and rip tides which have a particular energy of their own. For this full moon the one emphasised is Hades – yes that’s right, Hades, and with that name comes a whole lot of symbolism. In fact the Uranian Hades can also be related to the hidden past, skeletons in cupboards, things buried long ago, antiques and treasures lost and found again – it’s not all bad. So we have a Sun shining out from the underworld, lighting up a Moon about to encounter the God of the underworld, Pluto. Along with this we have Lilith, in many traditions considered a force that stands at the threshold of life and death – in fact she’s often associated with midwives. So something at the time of this full moon could be born or could die – it’s a threshold time, a time of intense energies and possibilities, a time of danger too because get it wrong and it could spiral downwards and the stick of this kite just ends up buried in sand.

Aeneas and the Sibyl in Hades - Jan Breugel the elder

Of course a kite is not just a stick and the aspect of this kite that could make the difference between flying and falling is the trine between Neptune and Saturn. Get the balance right between ideals and practicality, dreams and the things you need to do to achieve those dreams and this kite really could fly. To make the most of it the clues lie with the Sun, this is the balance point of the kite, get this right and  it works – so look to family issues being uncovered, secrets aired that could clear up misunderstandings or provide the answer to puzzles – these hold clues to how you can actually achieve your dreams. Learn from the past and move on from it. Lilith can also be associated with earth spirits and a sensitivity to the aliveness of the whole world while Hades can also be an opening, a gate into another reality – it’s a great moon for connecting to the ancestral spirits of the land which could be just the thing for an otherwise overly intense earthy Capricorn Moon. If you are lucky enough to be in a place where you can tune into cultures which have a clear link to the land then make the most of it, and even if you aren’t just finding out more about the place where you live, what it was once like, how it might be if left to its own devices could be a great way to enjoy the energy of this moon rather than get tossed around in an emotional maelstrom only to come crashing to the ground again.

Voodoo dancers - Benin

Check out this site for some interesting info on West African Voodoo which has roots in ancestor worship and earth spirits.
Interesting article on Uranian Hades


Who Has Seen the Wind?


Who has seen the wind?

Neither I nor you:

But when the leaves hang trembling,

The wind is passing through.

Who has seen the wind?

Neither you nor I:

But when the trees bow down their heads,

The wind is passing by.


19 thoughts on “Super Moon Sunday – let’s try and catch the wind

  1. The more pieces we put into the picture the more there is to reflect upon. You are doing well. TY for not leaving out Hades. On my location the sun will have just risen but I will
    (I should anyway) be up to watch moon set. Saturn plus Neptune equals Pluto which hangs on the Heliocentric S. Node of Jupiter and Mars is conjunct Heliocentric N. Node of Venus. Sometimes when we fly a kite it gets away from us. We will not appreciate what we unearth.

  2. Excellent inclusion of Lilith in this Cancerian kite parade. The sign of nurture embracing a significant totem of deep unrest, represented by issues of nurturing. Where do we hurt/how do we heal ?

    And on this summer solstice, the Voodoo rituals are perfectly timed! Off to practice unfurling my SR kite, knowing full well it will buffet slightly backwards as it lofts. Saturn and Pluto transiting RX will soon be joined by Mercury. I feel like a connect-the-dots astro picture !

    Happy solstice to you. 🙂

    • Hey Moira, and thanks 🙂

      I’d almost forgotten about the solstice but Now I do notice that the day is almost 30mins longer than it was when I arrived. These tropical rhythms are quite different for me to get my head round astrologically.

      Enjoy the kite flying!

      • I bet that’s so. I’m actually interested to hear how the tropics changes one’s perception of day/night/no seasons ? Astrologically, we temperate zone natives are used to seasonal changes that sync with the motions of the zodiac. It was equally interesting to receive word from Australia at their celebraton of the winter solstice ! Cancer ~ is it really a sign best celebrated indoors near hearth of home ?

        Are there tropical zone astrologers ?

        SuperMoon to you.

      • Hi Moira – it’s really interesting, some day I will write something properly about it… there seems a lot more earth related thinking rather than sky related, which makes sense in some ways as often there is too much haze to see the stars well, I don’t think that’s just pollution from the city. But before the city was here it was rain forest and the view of the sky is quite limited – a couple of things you might like:
        We have just moved into rainy season here, just as the rains come there is something called the Ga festival in Accra, it’s a kind of memorial from famine times when the Ga people planted seed and asked the spirits to help them. These days the fetish priests still ban drumming after the seed planting time to give the gods and spirits peace and quiet to work their magic.
        Second thing – people use the day they were born as their name, at least one of them. Days are said to have their own quality but unlike ‘us’ those qualities come not from planets/stars but from other things that can be observed/thought about – and probably more easily from the perspective of forest living:
        Monday is Peace, Tuesday is Ocean, Wednesday is Spider, Thursday is Earth, Friday is Fertility, Saturday is God and Sunday is Universe. Each day has qualities: Monday nurturing, Tuesday problem solving, Wednesday independent and spontaneous, Thursday quiet observant and analytical, Friday is a leader, Saturday likes to control in the family, makes rules, Sunday is shy, warm hearted and a good keeper of confidences.
        It gives me food for thought on my ramblings about Lilith and a more ‘earth centred’ kind of ‘astrology’!
        Hope the full moon was good for you!

      • Thanks for Zodiac thoughts from the tropics ! Your experience certainly highlights how ethnocentric the development of astrological perspectives are, and calls into question whether an astrology developed in the temperate zones can properly apply to cultures at the extreme tropic or polar areas.

        This is an interesting debate which I’ve only engaged in once during a long discussion of house systems. That investigation centered around a tendency for many astrologers to use equal or whole house systems for natives born at the northern extremes, where a Placidus chart goes “wonky”. Much math and input later, I was convinced that Placidus still works. It serves to represent cultures whose interests are more focussed on certain fields of activity (houses) with less consciousness of the activities of others. This conclusion was supported by astrologers whose professional opinions I respect, several of whom operate from those northerly climes.

        I certainly glean how Lilith could come into better perspective in terms of its raw mythology in a tropical environment that exhibits both jungle and desert landscapes. Lilith, after all, derives mythologically from the African continent ~ the Garden of Eden, which over the millenia has endured the scourge of natural and man-made disasters resulting in the “rape of the land” as it were.

        My mind turns here, to Ceres as well. Entertainingly enough, Lilith is at 1 Cancer and Ceres has just entered 1 Leo … embracing the sign of nurture.

        Light in All !

  3. hi, Sal. just finished translating your post in Italian. online tomorrow :)!
    you’re a huge success in here!
    I just noticed there’s a very interesting double interlocked kite pattern activated by the FM and transiting planets on my BC.
    I’ve Jupiter in VI at 3° Capricorn, Mars at 4° Pisces in VIII opposed Pluto at 3° Virgo in II, Neptune at 8° Scorpio in IV .
    transiting Sun, Moon (and largely Pluto), Neptune and Saturn on Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Neptune rx seem to hit twice.
    not so easy to find the key (rather a deeper key) to understand it though apart from the obvious (my ageing parents bad health) and current financial problems.

    • Hi Melissa – thanks so much for the feedback, and for all the hard work you put into the translations!
      The current transits to your natal chart sound very interesting – a significant combination of personal planets and angles being hit by long term transits, and generational placements being hit by personal transits. It seems to me that the story there is about your role in the wider scheme of things – I hope the super full moon was good for you! Here in Accra it provided a rare sight of beauty – it eased my heart a lot to see it silhouette the palm trees and lift my eyes away from the harshness of life on the streets.
      Little things mean a lot 🙂
      Take care

      • you wrote:
        >Are relationships there in balance? You can bet anything you like that if anything is off kilter in those relationships that are supposed to nurture and sustain you – or in which you are supposed to nurture and sustain others – then this weekend is likely to bring things to a head, either through argument and tantrum or turning inwards and being very weepy.
        actually it has been hard. I finally broke up yesterday with a longtime female friend. It was long overdue anyway. no complacency allowed not anymore. truth to be said she’s taking it harder than me because for her it still worked.

      • Oh that is hard, even though it sounds like you made the right decision. The air will clear and you will feel lighter for it I am sure – that’s a good sign for making the most of that double interlocking kite of yours!

  4. talking of axis: Asc/Desc 29° Cancer/Capricorn, IC/MC 9° Libra/Aries (with Sun at 17° Aries) plus a bunch of personal planets in various degrees of Pisces. the cardinal square, the cardinal retrogrades, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces. I’m in for a rough ride it seems ;)…

    • Ah yes, being hit by a bunch of retrogrades, I remember it well 😉 – I heave a sigh of relief I have no cardinal planets! Ok (not sure of the house cusps), so Jupiter will Rx in 12th – think shoring up community, spirituality and building up reserves of energy in these things. Venus will Rx in 6th – service, I kind of think of this as the gardening house, in service to something but need not be onerous, it prepares for the harvest if you work hard enough.
      Mars Rx opposite Sun, lighting up IC/MC which will rebalance home and public demands…
      I have noticed something recently that has really struck a chord with me – I have met lots of people here who, through one thing or another have been through massively life changing events. Most of them don’t practice astrology. I have been struck by the composure they have and continue to have and have realised recently that a lot of it seems to come down to them keeping an eye on the long term vision, not getting caught up in the details. Things affect them of course, but somehow they seem to get through them with fewer emotional traumas – I kind of think of it like a dancer ‘spotting’ through turns – keeping your eye on something helps to stop you getting thrown off balance. This really is making me think a lot about the best use of astrology as there is a temptation to get caught up in the details of right here and now. Looking a couple of years ahead helps me to remember what the long-game is…

      • Most excellent observation, regarding the long-term life shifts. It’s difficult to explain to non-astrologers what to expect from a long-term transit, in much the same way that some astrological savvy folks “think” a fast-moving transit only affects them at the hour of the exact aspect. Ummm, No.

        Like Melissa, I’m under the cardinal transit crunch (since 2008 on early cardinal chart degrees), with Pluto’s final pass over the Aries-Libran nodes later this year. Saturn & NNode’s RX transit in Scorpio (my 12th) conjuncts N-Neptune trine N-Cancer Sun, so I have to intuitively trust my own sense of “flow”, despite the stops and starts the short-term transits introduce. This full moon kite indicates the challenges and the areas of flow that are my long-term focus. It is the chart for my solar return this week. The moon will be in Pisces, mercifully contributing to flow, but also conjuncting T-Neptune in the 4th ~ talk about water issues in my home! It’s all quite serious really ~ ailing parents, a home to sell in a sketchy housing market, very tight finances, and serious issues with one of my teenagers.

        No time to boo-hoo about it. 🙂

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