Shifting sands – move over Mercury

In a linked couple of moves the next couple of days sees Mercury pass the ball to Jupiter – and the ball in this case is information, questions and constructive conversations. For the past year Jupiter has been a little edgy and uncomfortable in Gemini surrounded by masses of information and unable to properly get to grips with it and make some sense of it all. Now he is about to move into Cancer where he feels a whole lot more at home and where at last he can get stuck in to understanding what the real meaning is behind all this data he’s been having thrown at him.

Mercury passes the ball to Jupiter

Mercury passes the ball to Jupiter

Within hours of Jupiter entering Cancer Mercury goes retrograde in that same sign, indicating that not only is he slowing up in sending out all this info he’s also going to spend some time going back over it, double checking and making sure it’s accurate and useful. Mercury is kind of clearing the decks for where Jupiter will later go retrograde suggesting that what Mercury sifts through now and decides is important is what Jupiter will delve into and pull out of it its deeper meaning.

It might feel as though the ground is moving under you

It might feel as though the ground is moving under you

With these shifts taking place in the sign of Cancer there will be some links to Cancer-ruled issues – home and family and a sense of security will play into this exercise in analysis and understanding. Cancer likes to cling so Mercury might start having a good look at what you’re clinging onto which doesn’t need to be clung onto  – maybe you will find you have a more solid base than you thought, maybe you will feel as though the rug is being pulled out from under your feet or that what you thought was solid ground has turned into shifting sands – one way or another with Mercury handing over to Jupiter the time has come to stop skipping over the surface of any issues raised – but don’t worry, even at his worst Jupiter can bring a laugh and a sense of optimism if you look for it, and this will be Jupiter at his best, so have faith that anything slightly uncomfortable is actually going to be really great!

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