Venus square Saturn, Sun through Cardinal Square

Setting the scene for the coming week, today we have Venus forming a square to Saturn – a chastening aspect which delights in putting in effort and working towards an achievable goal rather than just enjoying life as Venus would really rather do, especially now she’s in Leo. In fact, Venus in Leo can be a bit of a show-off, loving to be the centre of attention, a square to Saturn is a bit like a stern school teacher or father figure telling her to knuckle down and work hard otherwise she’ll achieve nothing useful. However, this aspect has a twist at the moment as Saturn is currently locked into the grand water trine which can be a little lazy – so it’s just as likely that Saturn is being a little lazy at the moment. Plus he’s moving very slowly as he prepares to turn around and head forwards in a week – so this time it’s Venus that’s prodding Saturn saying ‘hey old man, time to get your act together, you aren’t going to get all those lovely sparkly goodies you promised me if you don’t start to make the effort’. So that is the tone around today – a good time to make sure we are putting in the work to achieve any shiny, happy dreams we might have.

Saturn and Venus together should suggest a good harvest - provided the ground work is done.

Saturn and Venus together should suggest a good harvest – provided the ground work is done.

Soon after this little needling of old man Saturn by the glamorous Venus we have the Sun moving through the cardinal square, opposing Pluto within hours of Venus squaring Saturn, so both parts of the ongoing sextile and mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto are being triggered at the moment, although from different places and in different ways. That sextile is quite wide and weak at the moment, but as Saturn turns around he will head back into it – it was that sextile that formed the base of the yods we had to deal with earlier at the turn of the year (see here for some more on this). With the pressure turned up on Saturn and Pluto the challenge is to get these disparate energies pulling in one direction, the danger is they will pull at cross purposes and everything you worked for will fall apart. That danger is increased as the Sun moves into a square with Uranus, a planet that likes to blow things apart if ever there was one. The good news is that with Pluto at the tip of the kite we have a chance to channel that energy to keep it all together – Pluto is all about will power, control, the driving and directing force of our passions. Often set aside from our conscious awareness, usually because we feel uncomfortable with them (they aren’t very ‘civilised’) our Plutonic drives will guide this kite no matter what – the time is to bring them to consciousness and use them to keep it all hanging together.

Venus square Saturn1713

We can see from the chart for the Venus square to Saturn that the energies are pulling in lots of different directions at the moment. Overall though, there is the kite shape with Sun and Jupiter opposing Pluto forming the central axis and Saturn trine Neptune the cross-brace to catch the wind. So those squares from Venus to Saturn and Uranus to Sun and Jupiter provide the wind to give some lift – it could be quite a buffeting though, so keep a firm but flexible hand on the line. Remember what you’re looking for in all this too – kites give perspective, a view from off the ground but the direction is set by all you have dreamed and started working for based on the mutual reception  and sextile between Saturn and Pluto (restructuring your life) and their links to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces (a more healthy spiritual approach) altogether giving achievable dreams and sense of purpose.  This week could be a little sobering in terms of showing you just how much there still is to do, but it can also be inspiring in assuring you that you will get there, just keep your eye on the prize.

Read more about the backdrop to current transits and what it means for you.

Today’s theme tune:


Fancy building a kite? here’s how:


3 thoughts on “Venus square Saturn, Sun through Cardinal Square

  1. Excellent analysis as always! Love the buffeting kite, and the song ~ all we have to leave behind. My son and I discussed replacing my car with a better one we can share as he goes off to college in August. On our way across town, my car’s transmission did something scary and we had to tow it to a mechanic’s. A Pluto-Uranus/Venus-Saturn conspiracy ? I’d say so ! Read the writing on the wall. His and my Cancer suns with my Leo dancers and his Leo-Regulus rising went car shopping on-line. Just have to get the old car out of hock and sold, first. Bleck!

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