New Moon in Cancer – let your love grow!

Tomorrow morning, at 7:14am GMT, we have the new moon in Cancer – it’s a new moon that brings together a number of influences and marks a turning of the tide in many ways.

For a start it is conjunct Mercury who is moving backwards, chewing over emotional needs and expectations and trying to get to the bottom of what it is that really makes us feel nurtured, cared for – and what makes us want to nurture and care for others. The new moon emphasises this process and comes just before the inferior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun – if we pay attention at this time not only can we come up with some very valuable insights about how well our emotional responses are serving us but we can also come up with some ways of building on what works and improving or getting rid of what doesn’t.

Cancer New Moon 2013

The new moon is also picking up in the cardinal square, but moving out of it so indicating a way through these tensions rather than just more of the same. The opposition to Pluto indicates deep undercurrents in relationships are getting stirred up at this time, especially perhaps around parental issues, or relationships with people in authority. This is a good time to really understand the dynamics going on and if there’s anything around that’s making you feel ‘uh-oh, not again’ this is the time you can do something different and break the mould.

Of course the square to Uranus is emotionally fraught and liable to explode – very probably we are reeling a bit from recent edginess and tension. It’s passing though and more relaxing times are coming, just practice deep breathing and counting to ten for a little while longer.

Meanwhile Jupiter is about to move into the grand trine with Saturn and Neptune, really expanding on any plans you have to make positive and concrete changes in your lives, especially around anything that you are particularly emotionally affected by or attached to. Plus this time it’s Jupiter who is on Hades (remember Hades from the recent full moon), and Jupiter is feeling much stronger these days and able to really bring out what we need to know from those depths. Look out for older people or things from the past bringing insights, awareness or just a new sense of direction and feeling of being in control.

new sense of direction

To add to these positive and constructive vibes Saturn is just about to move forwards after some months of slowly going back over things and putting things in place, now he’s ready to make the move and get real. Saturn is all about putting in the effort long-term and long-term plans are likely to benefit from this move.

Plus Psyche has now turned direct and is once again heading towards the North Node for her third and final pass indicating her emergence from the underworld bearing the prize which was the last of her three challenges. After this things pick up a pace and even though it might not seem like it at first she is carried rapidly towards the goal she set herself when Eros fled and she went in search of him.

This is a new moon indicating true love wins through – be that love of a person, an art, your work – whatever it is that you truly love the time is coming when it will blossom and it starts here at this new moon.

Psyche opening the box containing Persephone's beauty

Sorry about the sound quality on this, but it is the theme tune for this new moon and the best I could find:


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4 thoughts on “New Moon in Cancer – let your love grow!

  1. Thanks, Coromell! I’m gelling the order of priorities, and pleased I’m not disctracted by a work-day in the office on this Moon-day.

    Asteroid Atlantis is also conjunct this New Moon. (#1198). Brought to my attention at my SR on 6/27, when I was enjoying an Atlantean return coincidentally enough! I’ve started a thread at the Dienst, and pleased with the responses so far ! Let me know how it lands in your natal (via FB message, here, or on that thread, if you can access it Ghana-style ). A friend is writing the Atlantis chapter of her book …

    Best, Moira

    • Hi Moira – well good for you, I must admit I was totally distracted by this work day which has been full-on for many hours… too busy to deal with the forum I’m afraid, maybe one day I’ll manage to get back on there and read up on everything!
      Asteroid Atlantis… well, it’s 16 Aries in my natal, not doing a right lot unless you count being the apex of a yod with Neptune and Pluto/Mars midpoint at the base (Pluto and Mars are conjunct within 5 degrees as well). The new moon didn’t really touch a lot, except trine Neptune, sextile Mars and Pluto, trine Saturn (he he so it made a kite with a grand water trine and Mars/Pluto leading 🙂
      Speaking of Atlantis, I’m very excited to be heading to Bolgatanga soon – check it out! Actually it has nothing to do with Atlantis, except I’m excited about it…
      Be well and happy!

      • Looks like you’ll need one of the Bolga hats rather promptly ~ heavy rain season now. I’m truly enjoying your excursions through a place I’ve never known. Elephants and alligators … it’s a paradisial water-world. How Atlantean !

        Nice, that yod apex with this New Moon squaring ~ how tropically steamy.

        Safe travels ~ M.

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