Busy times!

Right now and the next few days sees some pretty intensive activity in the heavens – the skies are busy, and in a reflection of that so is my life. In fact I feel I should apologise up front for this rather brief post and also the lack of pictures – but it’s all change with me and all change above me too!

First of all we have Uranus stationing and turning retrograde, heading back into that cardinal square, ratcheting up the pressure for change in the structures of our lives and the things or people we allow to have authority over us.

At the same time as Uranus turns back on himself Jupiter and Saturn form an exact trine, perfecting the grand water trine and intensifying the kite that has Pluto on the leading edge. This gives an opportunity to make changes for the better – the tension of the square giving the necessary impetus to do something about what we want to achieve rather than just sit around wishing. Meanwhile the opposition through the centre of the kite between Mars/Jupiter and Pluto suggests that often it may be other people that spur us into action, either directly or because we don’t like what we see reflected.

chiron mrx nn

That influence continues over the next few days as first Jupiter and then Mars move through the grand trine. At the same time Mercury stands still and then turns forwards again – and as he does so he also gets pulled into a grand water trine, this time with Chiron and the North Node. What we hear over the next few days could either hurt or heal (or maybe both) and it also signposts our future destiny. Don’t take things too personally at this time, there is a danger with both Mercury and Uranus pretty much standing still that there will be crossed wires and explosive/frustrated misunderstandings unless we step back and don’t get too emotionally involved.

To finish off a very busy few days when we should have had news or ideas that inspire us and urge us to make positive changes in our lives we then get Mars and Jupiter coming together in Cancer just as Venus enters Virgo and the Sun enters Leo – an all round shift in energy which might leave us a little non-plussed as we wonder why everything seems to have gone a little off the rails. This is immediately followed by a full Moon right at the beginning of Aquarius (the first of two full moons in Aquarius which is pretty unusual in itself) so all these changes could see us feeling more than a little emotional – but also having a clearer idea of how the land lies and what we want to do about it.

More on the full moon later – meanwhile it’s a grand water trine, time to practice surfing!



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