Leo New Moon August 2013 – a time of respite

There is a huge amount of energy shown in the chart for the new moon on Tuesday. For a start the new moon is conjunct asteroid Vesta, goddess of the hearth and keeper of the sacred flame, so this new moon is strongly infused with a fiery, creative power. Those who served Vesta, the Vestal Virgins, were expected to sacrifice their more earthly desires in exchange for a position of influence and respect. If however they went back on their word them the punishment could be horrendous, with pregnant women incarcerated so that they would starve to death, their unborn child dying with them. This new moon then promises much, and demands much too, the question to ask yourself is just how far are you prepared to go, what are you prepared to give up, in order to achieve your ambitions?

Leo New Moon 0813

There is a warning here too – just a few short hours before asteroid Lilith, Mean Lilith and True Lilith were all conjunct giving the opportunity for unseen or unrecognised forces to make themselves felt in the physical world. Notice is taken of what you decide you are prepared to sacrifice in order to achieve – and repercussions will come if you go against your word. Be thoughtful about who you are not taking into consideration in your plans, of where you are being selfish and self-concerned because these are the elements that will come back to haunt you.

It’s a time to be sure of your motives too – the Jupiter Pluto opposition is applying in the new moon chart indicating things about to come into being. You will be asked much of over the coming months no matter what you choose to do – all things at this time demand some kind of sacrifice. Moreover Jupiter is conjunct asteroid Pallas, another defender/protector goddess. While Vesta protected Rome, Pallas defended Athens so this new moon sees forces coming into play that will defend that which we have built, our civilisation, philosophy, political systems. In Cancer this could as easily apply to your own personal circumstances, your family, home, faith – what is certain is that there is much more than just our individual desire at stake, sacrifices are asked for and repercussions are great if promises are not kept. Three Liliths so close to Jupiter show that there is pressure coming from the outside, from the marginalised and dispossessed.

Pallas Athena by Klimt

Pallas Athena by Klimt


With the exception of Jupiter opposite Pluto and Jupiter square Uranus (and the longer term Uranus square Pluto) the aspects of this new moon are separating suggesting things already set in motion – so this new moon projects itself into the intense energy of the cardinal square and the sacrifices demanded are those that will help to bring about the rebalancing of government, law, power and the tension between individual and collective that the cardinal square is stressing.

Nevertheless, with all those separating aspects and the applying aspects longer term ones which we have become used to in many ways this new moon also represents a time of respite where we can take stock of what has happened. Make the most of Venus ploughing ahead in Virgo; get down to some gardening or some detailed creative work, or take a stroll in the park. Enjoy the last couple of days with Mercury in Cancer too, chat to relatives and loved ones, entertain at home. And make the most of this Leo new moon – go see a play or a concert or just hang out and have a good time with the kids!


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